Chance to get ThreeA Toys in Rules of Survival

Rules Of Survival not only brings exciting gameplay content through updates but also creates eye-catching costume designs, Rules of Survival gamers have the opportunity to own the ThreeA Toys set in the game through Accumulate and redeem easily.

In the updated version of August 22, Rules of Survival released many important new updates related to the feature system and game interface design. Among them was the launch of a new costume model ThreeA Toys, which was very interested by the gaming community. This is a very unique and new skin pattern that makes anyone want to own it.

Download the new version of Rules of Survival and hunt for the ThreeA Toys skin now

Fornite Mobile – a game product of the same genre as Rules of Survival – is still storming the international game market, Fortnite Mobile is currently only available on iOS but the attraction is still formidable, bringing huge revenue. for Epic Games.

If you’ve ever seen action movies, when warriors have to wear oxygen, breathing air against poisonous gas, then probably know the masks with large air pipes “rubbing”. In this new version, the Survival Game Rules of Survival designed and appeared almost similar to that outfit.

On the outside, ThreeA Toys stands out with a large air tube connected from the nose to an oxygen bag placed on the side of the character. On top, players of Rules of Survival will wear a helmet to protect and fend off damage from enemies.

There are little threea toys in the rules of surival 2

You can own ThreeA Toys anti-poison costume in Rules of Survival. By participating in the in-game event system, players will be able to redeem this “underground” outfit. Time and quantity are limited, so gamers quickly take advantage to own.

In addition, players can also try out many other specially designed costumes not only the ThreeA Toys skin in Rules of Survival. Every gamer update gets a lot of unique interesting experiences from NetEase’s game.

Currently, with Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile is also a mobile survival game that is played in large numbers, You can choose different versions of PUBG Mobile such as China, international or shortened version …


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