Change desktop wallpaper, change desktop image, laptop Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Change desktop wallpaper, change desktop image, laptop Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Change your computer wallpaper with beautiful pictures of many different topics such as nature, people, animals, trees, according to events, events … will help you redecorate your computer screen for less boring, become more excited when sitting and studying.

Instead change desktop wallpaperChanging the desktop image is a simple task, you can choose beautiful pictures on your computer or download beautiful wallpapers on the Internet. In addition, you can also position the wallpaper to your liking as well. Computer wallpaper is not necessarily a picture of nature, wild animals but also the lovely photos that take place in your daily life friend, about lover, football team, good friends band that you love …. Only with action change desktop wallpaper Simple, every time you turn on the computer, you will be watching it again.

Change desktop wallpaper, change desktop image, laptop Windows 10, 8.1, 7

To change the image of your computer, you can choose your favorite picture and then follow the instructions below of Taimienphi to change the desktop image for your computer. On Windows XP, changing the desktop background image will be different from the operating systems Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Table of Contents:
1. Change the Windows 10 computer wallpaper.
2. Change the Windows 7 computer wallpaper.
Method 1: Set an image file as a wallpaper.
Method 2: How to change the computer wallpaper to automatically change the wallpaper.
3. Change the Windows XP computer wallpaper.

Change desktop wallpaper, change desktop image

Download wallpapers of all kinds for your computer
– New Year computer wallpaper: Download New year wallpaper 2020

1. Change the Windows 10 computer wallpaper

First, right-click on the desktop> select Display settings

how to change your computer wallpaper windows 10

Tutorial change desktop wallpaper for computers, laptops

Choose Background on Windows 10> Select Picture > Click Browse to go to the image you need as a desktop wallpaper Windows 10 -> Select OK to set is done

computer wallpaper win 10

How to change the wallpaper pc, laptop

Similarly with Windows 8, 8.1 you can also manipulate the desktop wallpaper easily. For more details, readers can refer to the tutorial article change the desktop wallpaper of Win 8 that we shared before.

2. Change the Windows 7 computer wallpaper

Method 1: Set an image file as a wallpaper

This way you can apply to every version of Windows. Right-click the image you want to use to change the wallpaper for Desktop and select the line as shown below:

How to change the desktop wallpaper


set wallpaper for computer, laptop

After you have placed the image file Desktop wallpaper, you go back to your computer screen to see if the wallpaper has changed
This is the wallpaper that has just chosen

How to change your computer screen win 8


Change wallpaper for computer, laptop

Method 2: How to change the computer wallpaper to automatically change the wallpaper

In Windows 7/8 and Windows 8.1 operating system with automatic wallpaper changer function with photo effects available. Meaning Desktop on Windows 7 Not only will your packaging fit into a certain background image Automatically change multiple wallpapers another.
Step 1: Right-click anywhere on the Desktop, select Personalize

set the computer wallpaper


Change desktop image for computer and laptop

Step 2: At the window Personalize, choose Desktop Background

How to set up your computer wallpaper


Install desktop and laptop wallpapers

Step 3: Here, just click Browser to select the folder containing the image files that you want to set as wallpaper, the selected image files will be displayed directly on Desktop Background.
Click Save Changes to save the changes.

computer wallpaper

How to set the desktop wallpaper, laptop

Return Desktop You will see that the image you just made has been changed on the screen.

3. Change the Windows XP computer wallpaper

Details: How change Windows XP wallpaper

computer wallpaper win xp

Thus, has just guided you how to change the computer wallpaper in many different ways. If you want to change other images as wallpapers on the Desktop, the process is the same. Changing the wallpaper for your Desktop makes your computer unique and interesting with your own style and personality, and you can also speed up computer In many ways, it helps your computer to achieve the highest performance when booting and operating.

Also you can refer to Santa Claus wallpaper to decorate your computer screen on the days near Christmas, to help you celebrate Christmas more fully


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