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Change languages ​​on Instagram


Currently, the number of Instagram users in the world is quite large and in Vietnam is no exception. The current version of Instagram already supports 23 languages ​​and you can change the language on instagram to any language you want.

If you use instagram on a smartphone, the language usually displays according to the language in which your phone is installed. Ie your phone language English, the language on instagram when you use will also be English, so to Change the language on Instagram then you just need to change the language on your Android phone or iPhone.

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Tips for changing languages ​​on instagram

How to change language on instagram

The following sharing article, will introduce and guide you how to change instagram language on Android and iOS devices with iPhone and instagram on computers logged in with web browsers.

– Download Instagram for Android
– Download Instagram for iPhone

1. How to change the Instagram language on Android devices

Step 1: You go to the section Setting on your Android phone or tablet.

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Step 2: Select Language & iput as shown below:

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Step 3: You select the language you want from the displayed list:

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Step 4: Finally, you run the Instagram application installed -> then click on the 3-dot icon to verify the language change has just been set.

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2. How to change the Instagram language on iPhone

Step 1: Same as on an Android device -> you go to section Setting on iPhone.

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Step 2: Next you choose General (General)

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Step 3: You choose Language & Region (language and region).

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Step 4: Finally, choose the language you want.

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Step 5: You open the Instagram application to verify the language from the section Setting Just got set up.

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3. How to change the Instagram language from the computer

Step 1: Access to the address HERE -> Then you log into your Instagram account

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Step 2: Move your mouse to the bottom of the web page -> and then click Language to display language change options.

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Step 3: Select the language you want to change.

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Step 4: After selecting the desired language, the Instagram language interface on the Web will automatically change. The picture below is to choose Vietnamese language.

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So you have just been taught us how Change language on instagram with quite simple steps on a computer using a web browser, on a phone using Android or iOS operating system. With this simple guide, hopefully it won’t take you too long to change the Instagram language you want on your computer or phone.
Also, if you are using Vietnamese Facebook but do not know how to change the language, please refer to how Change Facebook language to English has shared to know how to do it. Good luck!



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