Change ownership, edit files and folders in Google Drive

To meet sharing and conversion needs, Google Drive features the ability to change ownership, edit files and folders in Google Drive easily, so that users can manage data in Google Drive. more effective.

Whether using Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, the majority of users have the need to transfer ownership of files and folders when a job arises to share files on Google Drive with many other users.

After sharing files on Google Drive by transferring ownership of Google Drive, users will still be able to search Google Drive, view and edit files and folders as usual but will not be able to perform many changes. right to share and own the same.

Change ownership, edit files and folders in Google Drive

This tutorial is done on the web version of Google Drive, the Google Drive version for PC, you can do the same.

Step 1: In Google Drive, you select a folder and any file you want to transfer ownership of Google Drive or change the rights to edit files and folders Google Drive.

Right-click on the folder you want to transfer ownership of Google Drive and select Share (Share) or click the Share icon as shown in the image below

google drive storage rights

Step 2: Enter the name of the person who wants to transfer ownership of files and folders in Google Drive. After selecting the user, you press Advanced to open more permission settings.

correct google drive

Step 3: At the shared user file and folder line, click the icon Edit file directly >Is owner to transfer ownership and edit permissions of folders and files on Google Drive.

change google drive permissions

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Google Drive will ask to confirm your change, click Yes to confirm ownership of the Google Drive folder and files.

guide how to convert google drive number guide

Step 4: After changing, click Save changes to confirm the change.

google search result

Results after the user transfers ownership of the folder, Google Drive file. Images are compared before and after transfer of permissions on the shared user interface to folders and files from previous users.

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With the way to change and transfer ownership of Google Drive above, readers have already grasped one of the most important Google Drive user guides, besides sharing files on Google Drive, Retrieve deleted data on Google Drive or how to transfer data from Google Docs to Google Drive.

When using Google Drive or OneDrive, Dropbox to store data on the computer, users often use the Google Drive shortcut to improve manipulation, along with, file sharing instructions on Google Drive also partly helps users easily share files with many others. However, the search procedure on Google Drive is equally important, but not many people are interested, believes that, if you know how to search on Google Drive properly, the performance of using and sharing files on Your Google Drive will improve significantly.

Google Drive now comes with built-in word processing and online spreadsheet tools, as well as on MS Office Web Apps, which can be considered as two direct rivals to know which tool Better, please refer to the article Compare Google Drive and MS Office Web Apps to conclude which service I should use.
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