Change TeamViewer password on computer

Change TeamViewer password on computer

Besides installing TeamView and using it, the software also provides users with many customizations such as changing TeamViewer password or changing different password settings to help you keep your information more flexible while connecting. connect TeamViewer with other users.

TeamViewer is one of the most effective remote desktop connection software available today. However, using TeamViewer like many other programs will have many errors. In the topic about TeamViewer, taught you how to fix errors Protocol Negotiation Failed and many other errors.

Change TeamViewer password

When using TeamView, you will be automatically generated by a program ID and a password, with ID, you can not change it during use but password, you can change them. The following article will guide you how change password TeamViewer Please.

Instructions to change the password TeamViewer

First of all, download the latest version of TeamView software here: Download TeamView

After installing TeamViewer, the program will automatically generate you the ID and Pass to use so that others can Remote access to your computer. To change the Password random there are two ways to do it.
At the main interface of Teamviewer, click on the arrow icon at the item Password then click Create new random password Then the old password will be replaced with a new password immediately.
change pass random teamviewer

Tips You just need to close and restart Teamviewer, the Password will automatically change.

TCustomize the length of the Password
The default length of the initial password is 4 characters but you can change them to 6 characters, 8 characters …. or you can remove the mode Random (Self-granted Pass).
Step 1: Click Extras —> Options
do random pass teamviewer

Step 2: Switch to the card Security, click the item Password strength. Here you can change their length or remove the Random mode
random password teamviewer

So with the above article, we have instructed you on how to change Change TeamViewer password, and you can also increase the password length from 4 characters to more characters or you can remove the automatic mode of generation (Random) by How to refer to the article Change the password length of TeamViewer has introduced
Currently, in addition to Teamview, there are many softwares that support remote computer connection such as LogMeIn Free, UltraVNC, Ultraview … Depending on the needs, you can download Ultraview or many other applications for better remote desktop management.


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