Change the interface of Win XP to Win 7, the software converts Win XP into Win 7 effectively

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system currently developed by Microsoft, Windows 7 has the advantage of a beautiful graphical interface, security features are also improved compared to Windows XP. But for Windows 7, the hardware requirements of the device must be big enough to run the operating system.

If you are using Windows XP, but the machine has a relatively good configuration, upgrading and installing using Windows 7 is very easy, however, if you want to upgrade win xp to win 7, please pay attention to manipulating your important data, many of you because the wrong operation has erased a lot of important data in your computer already.

As for low-profile computers that only run Windows XP, but if you want to experience Windows 7, you can still change the interface of Win Xp to Win 7 with the conversion software. Here would like to guide you some software that can solve this problem.

Effective software and applications to change the interface of Windows XP to Win 7

first. Seven Remix XP: Pros: Free, helps change the interface of Windows XP to Windows 7 from desktop wallpaper, Start menu, …

2. Seven Transformation Pack: Pros: Free, changing the interface from Windows Xp to Windows 7 quickly and effectively. Download Seven Transformation Pack about computers.

3. SevenMizer: Converting the Win XP interface to Win 7. Additionally, SevenMizer change some icons, fonts, some applications of Windows.

4. Transform Windows 7 into Windows XP: Change the interface of Win 7 to win XP, compact size, easy to use. Download Transform Windows 7 into Windows XP about the machine.

5. SkinStudio:Create your own operating system for each style. Use SkinStudio Very simply turn Win XP into Win 7, Vista

Instructions to change the interface of Win Xp to Win 7 with Seven Remix XP software

Step 1: Download Seven Remix XP on the computer. If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of Seven Remix XP here.

Step 2: Install the software according to the following steps. Choose a language.

Convert Windows XP to Windows 7

Press next to continue the installation.

Choose I accept the terms of the License Agreement and press next.

Press next to continue the installation

Click Install to start the installation process

Press next

Choose Reboot now and finish to let the computer recognize the Windows 7 interface

Step 3: Restart the computer, you will have an interface of Windows 7 operating system.
So we have introduced and instructed you on how to convert Windows XP to Windows 7 interface easily by using the best Windows interface conversion software above. So you can use the smooth interface of Win 7 on low-profile computers.

Video tutorial on changing the interface of Windows XP to Win 7


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