Change the location of the Taskbar on Windows

Change the location of the Taskbar on Windows

You want to change the position of the taskbar vertically to the left or right or located on the top of your computer screen, laptop instead of under the default, simple, the following content will guide you to change the location taskbar on Windows.

By default, the Taskbar on Windows is at the bottom of the screen. This position helps users to operate faster, but if placed in other positions, it will be easier to observe because the eye does not have to be brought down. Refer to changing the position of the Taskbar on Windows for more details.

Change the location of the Taskbar on Windows

I. On Windows 10

Step 1:Right click on the bar Taskbar on screen -> select Taskbar Settings

Step 2: You drag and select the item Taskbar location on screen, will have the corresponding Taskbar position displayed.

Bottom: Bottom of the screen
Left: Left screen
Right: Right screen
top: On the same screen

switch location instead of taskbaer on screen

II. On Windows 7, 8.1 and below

Step 1: First right-click on the Taskbar, then select Properties.

Change the taskbar location on windows

Step 2: After the window Taskbar and Navigation properties display, you notice the option Taskbar location on screen. Here you choose the location of the corresponding Taskbar displayed on Windows 10.

change the taskbar windows

Step 3: After selecting the appropriate location, you press OK, got it to complete setup.

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So has just introduced you how to change the position of the Taskbar on Windows. As suggested by us, besides the bottom position of the screen, the top of the screen is also a reasonable option. While the left and right are slightly occupied area, in addition to the text of the icon also displays very short, so you will be more difficult to distinguish than usual, please refer to customize the taskbar on windows For more details.
On the Taskbar there are many icons, if one day, you can not hide the icon in the system tray, what to do? edit Error hiding icon on system tray Not being here will help you fix that error.


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