Change the Power button function on Windows 7

Change the Power button function on Windows 7

Until now, many people thought that the power button only had a single function to turn off or sleep without knowing that they could change the function of that button.

The Power button on the computer has a common function of shutting down, but it also integrates many other useful functions that many people may not know. In today’s article, Taimienphi will guide you to change the function of the Power button on Windows 7 in just a few steps, and follow along to know how to do it.

Change Power button function on Win 7

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar and select Properties

Change the power button function

Step 2: Click Start Menu, in section Power Button Action, Scroll down to select settings

As shown in the figure, you can assign functions such as:

– Lock: Lock screen

– Restart: Restart the computer

– Shutdown: Turn off the computer

– Sleep: Nap mode

– Log off: Log out of the computer

– Hibernate: Hibernate.

For the Power button. After selecting a new function for the Power button, click the button OK, got it is done.
Only with the fairly simple and detailed steps above, you can easily change the function for the Power button on Win 7, so that the Power button is also used to restart the computer, lock the screen, turn off the computer, escape from the computer, … In addition, you can refer to other tips: Partition the hard drive on Windows 7, Lock Win 7 under Win 8 interface, … to experience on many interesting features taste.


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