Change Wifi password with HTC 10 Evo phone, one 9

HTC phone products use the Android operating system. Therefore, users can easily change Wifi password with HTC phones. This is a trick to help users quickly change WiFi password in case of being used by WiFi theft.

Jobs the app WiFi detector Currently quite developed leading to WiFi users often being used for theft. This affects network traffic as well as security on the computer. If you feel that the Internet connection is unusually slow, or check that a strange device is logging in WiFi, you should immediately change the Wifi password with your HTC phone. Of course, your HTC phone needs to be connected to your WiFi network and use the method of changing the Wifi password with your HTC phone.

Change Wifi password with HTC phones:

1. Log in to the modem

IPhone users who want to change Wifi password with HTC phones need to use Chrome browser on HTC. Also can use other browsers such as UC Browser, Coc Coc …

Step 1: On the open iPhone interface Google Chrome.

Step 2: Enter the address to access your WiFi Modem. Next Modem account login interface appears, you must enter Account and password. Then press Login to login.

change wifi password with htc phone 2

2. Change the wifi password

After successful Login, you have successfully logged in the WiFi Modem on your HTC phone. To change Wifi password with HTC phones, users need to make changes in Configuration settings WiFi modem.

change wifi password with htc phone 3 has written an article summarizing how to change Wifi password with HTC phones in the article about changing WiFi passwords with phones. You only need to apply the WiFi password change method with your phone on HTC or Android phones like Samsung, Sony … and even iPhone. Not only is the guide to change WiFi password by phone, in this article there are also tips to help users use WiFi Modem devices of VNPT, Viettel, FPT … as well as manipulate on each network connection.
A common mistake coming from WiFi users is the Limited error. The manifestation of Limited error is a WiFi connection icon with a yellow exclamation mark. Need to fix WiFi limited by Limited connection can not access WiFi, the user can use the Internet. Details on how to fix WiFi error Limited limited connection to WiFi has not been posted by You just need to follow our step-by-step guide to resolving this issue.


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