Change wifi password with your phone, change the wifi pass viettel, fpt, ​​vnpt on Smartphone

Currently, there are many ways to change wifi password easily and simply without using a laptop or computer. You only need a smartphone to change the wifi modem password anywhere you want. See instructions on how to change wifi password with your phone below.

Currently high-end phones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo are integrated with many features to suit the needs of users, including features. change the wifi pass For modems is no exception

Normally the process of changing the wifi password on a computer is usually done via desktop or laptop because users can access the modem configuration page through access from a web browser, but if the laptop can do it then of course smartphones can do it. You can easily change the wifi password with your phone to generate wifi for devices in your home or company with only two ways shared by in this article.

How to change wifi password by phone, change wifi password viettel, fpt, ​​vnpt by phone

Method 1: Use a web browser to change the wifi password on the phone

Step 1: Access any browser on your phone, applicable to Android phones, iPhones or Windows Phones. But remember Phone needs wifi connection Go to Modem to change the wifi pass.

Enter the following in the browser address bar: or Then click OK to continue.

If you do not know the modem IP address, you can search the back of the modem or look at the modem type and look List of IP addresses and usernames / passwords Modem default access that we have updated :. Password Login modem account, common password in Vietnam.

Depending on the modem that the user is using, you may see different logins and appearances of the modems. In this article, is using a Draytek modem to test it.

change wifi password with phone

The login screen of the modem configuration page and change the wifi password on the phone appear. You enter your username and password are: admin.

Refer to the wifi username and password of many types of modems in the article to guide to change wifi modem password. Or to find more details for each modem, readers can read the article sharing pages looking for username and password for each different modem model.

Step 2: In the wifi modem configuration interface, you will see an interface similar to when you change the wifi password on the computer, but the space may be narrower due to the phone size.

change wifi network viettel on the phone

change wifi pass fpt by phone

Depending on the model, for example, on TP-Link, you access the item Wireless >Wireless Security> Password. Here, you enter the desired wifi password and change the wifi password only. Like changing FPT wifi password or other modems, after changing the wifi password on the phone will also require you to reset the modem for all changes to take effect. If a confirmation message appears, click Yes or reset directly on the button Reset of the modem.

Method 2: Use the software to configure and change the wifi password on the phone

Step 1: Install and open the application NETGEAR GENIE for Android (for Android devices) or NETGEAR GENIE for iOS (For iOS devices)

Click on the item Wireless Settings (iOS, Android) or Retrieve Wireless Settings with PC version.

change wifi pass vnpt by phone

If you are not logged into the router, a login screen will appear on the screen. At that time, enter the username and wifi password of the modem you are using offline. Usually the usual username and password are admin.

Step 2: In the screen Settings > click Key / Password or Name / SSID. On version Netgear genie On the PC, click the item Modify to enable wifi password change.

Wait for WiFi password by phone

change wifi password on your phone

Step 3: Press Save, Done or Apply to save.

You will also receive the following notifications:

“Changing settings can disrupt active traffic on the wireless network. Do you want to continue? Tap OK and follow the prompts to re-connect to the wireless network ”.

Remember to press OK, got it to continue and allow to change wifi password offline.

* Change wifi password on the Draytek modem

change wifi password with phone

Login user account and wifi password are both admin Please.

change wifi password on the phone

Follow the steps: Go to System Maintaince> User Password and enter the new password in the Password box and re-enter the password in the box below.

So how to change the wifi password on the phone is completed, it’s easy to be able to change the wifi password with the phone, right. Normally, the way to change wifi password, especially to change FPT wifi password or many other modems of Viettel, VNPT, has the same way, but the method and content may vary depending on the types of modems that the This Internet service provider uses.

In case you unfortunately forgot the newly changed wifi password, it is very harmful but fortunately, you can completely recover the wifi password just by applying the instructions to retrieve wifi password on laptop or desktop offline.

The best is still to learn and learn how to set the modem for the strongest coverage and strength, there are many ways to find the optimal indoor modem location but if you do not know how, you can find understand Wifi modem location The best indoor.
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