Change Zalo password on Android phones, iPhone, Windows Phone

Change Zalo password on Android phones, iPhone, Windows Phone

Change your Zalo password so you can safely use this wonderful messaging and chatting application without worrying about having someone steal your account and turn you into a reluctant victim like chat apps other like Viber or Yahoo.

If you have been using Zalo, you already know how to register Zalo and how Backup Zalo messages on the phone. These are all instructions that have been introduced to you by To register Zalo, you will need a phone number to serve the confirmation code.

In case of forgetting password zalo, you need to know how retrieve password zalo to continue using your zalo account. Also in the article below, will introduce you how to change your Zalo password on Android phones simply.

Change Zalo password on Android phones, iPhone, Windows Phone

Download Zalo iOS version: Download Zalo for iPhone

Download Zalo Android version: Download Zalo for Android

Download Zalo version of Windows Phone: Download Zalo for Windows Phone

Step 1: First of all, you need to access the settings of the profile. There are two ways to access Account Management.

Method 1: On the main interface of Zalo, you switch to the tab with three dots. Here you click the icon, the cog at the bottom of the screen to access Setting ->Account management.

how to change zalo app password on android phone

Method 2: Just like in the first step, click the tab with three dots. Then click directly on the account name to access the profile. Here, you continue to click on the three dashes icon in the top right corner to open the options page.

how to change password on android phone

Next, you select the item Account management located at the bottom of the options page.

Step 2: After visiting the page Account management, you move to the item Change Password.

Here we choose Option 1 to open the page Account management.

change zalo app password on android phone

Step 3: Go to this step, Zalo will ask you to enter your current password and new password. Follow the instructions and press Update to finish changing your Zalo account password on Android phones.

How to change password on Android phone

How to change Zalo password on Android phones is quite simple. In addition, if you are using Yahoo, you are easy Change yahoo password To secure your account information more, how to change yahoo password is quite simple

Many people when using Zalo often reflect, they can not type Vietnamese on this software. The cause can be multiple, but if you are struggling to find a solution, you have the answer right through the article. correct Vietnamese typing errors on Zalo for PC.
Zalo is a chat software that is popular with Vietnamese users. However, Facebook is the leading popular application in Vietnam and around the world. To join this social network, you can use the Facebook Pro application introduced by


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