Check, detect Bad hard drive by HDDScan

Check, detect Bad hard drive by HDDScan

Your hard drive has been operating for a long time, resulting in a damaged state, which can stem from a lot of data retrieval so the hard drive is fragmented. So how to detect the Bad HDD spots that fix? And download HDD Scan, install and use is the solution for you now.

HDD Scan is a utility software used to check the status of your hard drive and then give notice if there is an error so you can find a solution to fix it, avoid data loss. Especially the software is completely free and easy to use interface, suitable for all operating systems.

Using HDD Scan helps users check and detect the status of their drives effectively and quickly. However, you can download HDD Health, Hard Disk Tune Up … to check and find bad computer hard drives

* Download HDD Health
* Download Hard Disk Tune Up

Instructions for finding Bad hard drive by HDDScan

Step 1: Download the HDD Scan software here: Download HDD Scan

Step 2: Program setting

Run the program, the program will list the entire hard drive (including devices such as USB, memory cards …) mounted in the computer in the SourceDisk

We point to the arrow and select the drive to check and then click the button Start next

Bad heart

After the program has finished testing, it will display the results right on the screen the letter B in blue.

Attention: HDDScan is only a software to check hard drive errors, there is no error correction function when discovered, so when detecting errors, users should use other specialized software to fix.
So, within the framework of the article on, guide you how to find Bad hard drives with HDDScan software. From there you can know the status of your drive fragmentation like. To defragment the drive you can refer to and download DiskTrix UltimateDefrag and use or a lot of other software in the “Soft related” section above.


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