Check the Internet speed of Viettel, FPT, VNPT on computers

Check the Internet speed of Viettel, FPT, VNPT on computers

Testing the Internet speed is a way to help network users of the distributors know if their connection is stable or not as committed by the network? The following guide will show you 2 ways to check the internet speed of Viettel, FPT, VNPT on the simplest computer.

Internet connection You are taking these days very slowly, you want check Internet access speed for a solution to overcome or report on the network. However you do not know how to check internet speed how? Internet connection speed How much is yours?

Check network speed, test network speed and test Internet connection on computer

Most nowadays, users often use the network FPT, VNPT and Viettel, work Check VNPT, FPT or Viettel networks Regularly, it will help you to know how much your connection speed is, from which there are reasonable usage allocations to ensure the smoothness of the device when connecting to the Internet and avoiding unnecessary waste.

There are many ways to check the internet speed you are using. You can ping the network to check the network speed at the present time this way, you will be able to see many parameters related to your network connection without needing any software or supporting solutions from on the network provider side.

Check the Internet speed by FAST
In addition to Speedtest, FAST is also a simple and effective option to help you check the internet speed of Viettel, FPT, VNPT on your computer. To use FAST you just need to visit HERE And follow the instructions.
Step 1: Once accessing the FAST, you only need to wait a few seconds, the system will automatically check the internet speed of Viettel, FPT, VNPT for you without doing anything.
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Step 2: You can also press FAST again to check, but remember to check in the dark or your network is not used by anyone to get the most accurate results.
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Step 3: In addition, we can see more details about the speed including Ping, download speed and upload speed of this tool.
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Step 4: In addition, FAST also allows you to customize how to check the internet speed of Viettel, FPT, VNPT so as to produce the most objective results.
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Instructions to check the Internet speed on the computer without using the software


– Should check the internet speed at many times because depending on the density of use, the bandwidth may vary.

– If you want to test the most accurate speed, you should plug only 1 network cable into your computer, in addition, you should test at night.

– The unit of measurement used by Speed ​​is Mbps (Mega bit per second) and Kbps (Kilo bite per second). To figure out the actual network speed you are using, you should divide this number by 8 to produce MBPS (Mega bytes per second) and KBps (Kilo bytes per second).

Step 1: There is a tool called Speedtest and it will be the main tool that helps us check the internet speed of Viettel, FPT, VNPT in this article, to use Speedtest you can download it to your phone or on our computer. pressing HERE.

– Download Speedtest for iPhone here.
– Download Speedtest for Android here.
Step 2: Speedtest’s interface appears, there are a few parameters we need to know before clicking Go to check the internet speed.
Result: This is the section that gives test results after every time you check the internet speed with Speedtest.
Settings: Basic setup, we will clarify below.
Change Server: Select the server test network speed, by default the server has the lowest ping.
Connections: There are two values: testing file load for an object with Single or multiple objects with Multi.
>> However, just click Go to check the internet speed, the parameters we can study later.

Check the haircut by bearing

Step 3: First, Speedtest will check the download speed, which is the speed when you download certain files to your computer.
Note: 1 MBps = 8 Mbps so you have to divide the result by 8 to get the most accurate result when downloading the file. For example in the picture is 38, 67 Mbps, then after dividing there 8 we have ~ 4.8 MBps. Ie that file every 1 second to download 4.8 MB (in theory is so).

Check the haircut by bearing

The next similar thing is to test the upload speed, ie a file that is uploaded onto the network. and the same calculation as above.

Check the haircut by bearing

Finally, the results of the internet speed test will show up, here you will see 3 parameters: Download, Upload and Ping. The other two parameters explained and about Ping, you can understand that this is the parameter representing the response speed of your network to the access service. The smaller the number, the lower your network latency.

Check the haircut by bearing

Step 4: At this point, we can go to the Result section to see the results through internet, Viettel, VNPT internet speed tests.

Check the haircut by bearing

Step 5: Or go into the Settings section to tweak and set some values, here. Here the Speed ​​part is measured in units of Mbps and Kbps is of note.
Note: 1 Mbps = 1024 Kbps.

Check the haircut by bearing

The server selection section is for those who like to test many different servers, and by default the system will check the internet speed with the lowest ping server,

Check the haircut by bearing

Step 6: Try testing again but with another server and the unit is Kbps you will see a much bigger number.

Check the haircut by bearing

Step 7: However, the big number does not mean that it will be faster, to see the internet speed test, we click on Results.

Check the haircut by bearing

Here will show you the internet speed tests, the unit will be changed to help users easily compare.

Check the haircut by bearing

So you know how Check network speed The internet is on my computer already. This way you can quickly know what your connection speed is. After checking the network speed that you are using, you can fix slow network by different ways to regain internet speed for me.

After checking the internet speed if you feel that your Internet connection is too weak, not in accordance with the package registered with the network, you can contact them to check, but in case users want to increase the speed On the Internet, they can use software to speed up the current Internet connection Auslogics BoostSpeed is used by many people because this program is easy to use, but it brings a very effective effect when it comes to speeding up the Internet in general and speeding up the transmission line of your family in particular.

Besides, there are also many people Increase internet speed with Internet Cell Boost also bring relatively high efficiency. Internet speed will be improved faster than not used at the beginning by normally if you use a network connection ADSL then download speed , and if fitted optical cable (FTTH) then the download speed typically> 10Mbps, Depending on the package registered. After checking the speed show of your home network, please!

Check the network speed to help you choose a reasonable time to download files as well as perform tasks, online tests on the internet. For example, taking an English test on IOE. If the network connection speed is weak, the test download and the results will not be stable, making the test IOE will not yield satisfactory results, and there are many other examples.

The network speed test is part, if your computer encounter yellow wifi exclamation error without being able to access the network is worrying. However, you can also fix this problem in a simple way.


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