Check video card, how to see discrete video card, onboard

Check video card, how to see discrete video card, onboard

Checking the video card is a very important job before choosing to buy a computer device, laptop because the video card is a very important factor on the computer, it helps the graphic-related processes be operated. Onions are smoother and smoother. In this article, will guide you how to view, check discrete video card, onboard.

Before investing in a video card worth millions, you should check the onboard graphics card first. By now manufacturers are also very hard to integrate onboard video card to meet consumer needs.

After checking, if the video card parameters and other factors meet the needs of some of your favorite games, please upgrade quickly. Spend this cost on other more reasonable things.

Refer to instructions on how to view, check the discrete video card, onboard through the steps below.

Method 1: Check card information by the program Directx Diagnostic Tool built-in computer

From the computer screen press the key combination Windows – R and enter dxdiag

After the Directx Diagnostic Tool program interface appears, switch to the tab display. Usually onboard cards for computers are manufactured by Intel.

Check card display

Whereas discrete video cards are usually manufactured by ATI, AMD, or NVIDIA.

For some laptops with dual card functionality (using 2 parallel video cards), in most cases, that laptop will use onboard cards to save fuel. Only when using such operations as photoshop, game, video editing …, the system needs a discrete graphics card.

Method 2: Check card information by 3rd party software

Besides using the tools available, you can install 3rd party software to check. Selecting the software completely depends on your usage needs. In this article, we use CPUz software to check the computer parameters.

If you want to install and use CPUz, please Download CPU Z

After completing the installation of CPUz, open the program and switch to the tab Graphics. Here you can easily see the video card name and device parameters.

Check card onboard

Method 3: View on laptop cover

Usually newer laptops print important parameters directly onto the case, including the video card specifications. If the laptop has a discrete graphics card, you will definitely see logos for NVIDIA, ATI, or AMD.

check vga

So by the different wings you can check the discrete graphics card or onboard from which to use your device to be more efficient. After checking to know if the card used is VGA or Nvidia, if the VGA card is outdated, you should update the VGA to make your screen run better, Also refer to removing the onboard video card in the field. If you want to use a discrete video card.


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