Choose a keyboard type on Oppo

The operation to choose Oppo keyboard is very simple, just follow the instructions in a few moments, you can set up a keyboard style that suits your typing habits, enhance the user experience and also improves keyboard typing performance on the device.

Each user has different usage habits, so Oppo phone manufacturers also set up different types of keyboards suitable for many users.

Choose a keyboard type on Oppo

In this article, Taimienphi will show you how to install and choose a keyboard on Oppo phone models. You will be more proactive and convenient when choosing your favorite keyboard types, available on your phone without having to install additional applications from 3rd parties.

Instructions on how to choose a keyboard type on Oppo

Currently, by default, Oppo has set 5 default input methods for its devices, including Google keyboard, Swype for Oppo, Google voice input, Vietnamese Input and Keyboard.

To establish Oppo keyboard , you need to do the following. Note, in this tutorial, Taimienphi will perform the illustration on Oppo Vietnamese interface.

Step 1: In the tool Setting , you choose Language and input method . In section Default you will see what kind of keyboard the device is using;

Select film type on oppo 2

Install the Oppo keyboard

Step 2:If you are not satisfied with the type of keyboard you are using, please Click the checkmark type the keyboard you want to replace. As said from the beginning, you can choose Google keyboard, Swype for Oppo, enter Google voice, Vietnamese Type or Keyboard available on the phone.

Select film type on oppo 3

Restore default Oppo keyboard

Setting and choosing the type of keyboard on Oppo is not too complicated. Although you do not know much about technology, you can easily replace the Oppo keyboard if you follow the instructions of Taimienphi.

If you still have any questions during the exchange Oppo keyboard do not hesitate to leave a comment below the article. Taimienphi will answer or update how to choose the keyboard as soon as possible.
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