Choose the compression format for videos in Camstudio

Choosing the right compression format for videos in CamStudio will help you be able to record videos with CamStudio better, get the best after-video recording results possible.

With video compression format, not only Camstudio but also you need to pay attention to update codecs for screen recording software such as Camtasia Studio, Bandicam or FastStone Capture. Because if you set the codec, you will not be able to watch videos, listen to music with screen recording software, watch videos as usual.

Choose the compression format for videos in Camstudio

The choice of compression format for videos in Camstudio is the action that is performed before users start recording video with Camstudio or take screenshots with the software. Let’s find out how important it is to compress a video while recording a video in Camstudio.

Step 1: From the main interface of Camstudio software, click the item Options >Video Options.

Choose a dang dang dang cho video in camstudio

Step 2: Here, you will be most interested in the section Compressor. This section provides various compression formats for users to choose before starting screen recording in Camstudio.

– Cinepal Codec by Radius: Video encoding standard of Radisus Inc and now also appearing in Apple’s QuickTime video player. This encoding allows users to convert to black and white video.
– Intel IYUV codec: Intel Indeo ® Video Encoding iYUV R.2.0 is a popular Intel video standard for perfect quality and no compression.
Microsoft Video 1: A quality video compression format released by Microsoft in 1992 based on a media codec vectored by Media Vision.
– Xvid MPEG-4 Codec: XviD is an MPEG-4 codec. It can compress a video file into MPEG-4 standard data and can be stored as .AVI .OGM .MP4 or other. Xvid is a compression format that delivers superior compression quality over DivX.
– ffdshow Video Codec: It is a fairly common video image decoding codec for video decoding, screen capture support, and image quality enhancement in videos.

Use camstudio to select the desired interface in camstudio

Step 3: In the interface to select video compression format in Camstudio, users can also choose other parameters:

– Quality: Video quality; Set key Frames Every: Set the number of key frames in each frame; Frameraters include Capture Frames Every: Number of frames captured in milliseconds and Playback Rate: Playback speed calculated in frames per second.

– Auto Adjuts: Automatically adjusts to the default parameters. In particular, max Framerate is a user-set frame rate / minute.

Step 4. Press OK, got it to save and start video recording Camstudio screen.

How to choose a streaming interface for video in camstudio

Note that every video compression format in Camstudio has a different parameter and configuration, you can see more Temporal Quaility Ratio in Configure.

The video compression format can be considered as one of the most important elements on video recorders or screen videos with Bandicam, Camtasia Studio, FastStone Capture and many other music and movie software such as Windows Media Player. , Media Player Classic.

However, for Camstudio longtime users, it is definitely a favorite of this software thanks to special features that no screen capture or video capture software has. For example, video quality options in Camstudio right before recording, or window size options when recording screens with Camstudio, and with custom features Choose video quality in Camstudio as said will help you get the best video quality.
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