Choose the right CPU for your computer

Choose the right CPU for your computer

The CPU (Center Processing Unit) is the central processor responsible for controlling the program to other components in the computer system that executes the command. Computer speed is usually assessed via CPU. So how to choose the right CPU for your computer?

There are many types of computer components on the market CPU Different options for you to choose to meet the CPU replacement for the computer. Invite you to follow the sharing below to choose Choose the right CPU for my computer.

How to choose the right CPU for your computer

About CPU vendor.

CPU vendors are many but the most prominent are the two major manufacturers Inter and AMD. So the choice of CPU for the machine is entirely based on your interests and actual needs to decide to use.

For Inter, a CPU manufacturer is quite famous for all of us because of its long-standing brand and stability. Therefore many people trust to use this manufacturer.

Currently Intel has Core i3, i5 and i7 chips, each chip has its own advantages and disadvantages for users, the higher the chip, the stronger the computer configuration, refer to the article Compare Intel Core i3 vs i5 vs i7 to have the most accurate view.

For AMD, the CPU manufacturer is quite famous for its low price, suitable for low-income users, but when using this manufacturer, the heat generated when used more.

Regarding the quality of technology.

With technology and speed, the two companies can fully meet – after each release, there is quite a significant change in technology integrated in the CPU. But can be summarized through 4 processes of CPU development

Low-end CPU: AMD Sempron, Intel Celeron. For low-end computers to serve light work.

Low average CPU: AMD Athlon 64, Intel Pentium 4. For slightly higher computers and used for most entertainment applications with a slightly higher processing speed

High average CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2, AMD Athlon FX …, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core2 Duo, … with multi-core processing technology for computers using professional programs, programming, graphics processing …

High-end CPU: AMD Athlon II, AMD Phenom II, AMD FX, AMD APU; Intel i3, i5, i7; Intel Xeon, … Used with specialized devices web servers (network servers) in the network, the machine needs to install multiple operating systems.

About the processing process

When buying a computer or discrete CPU, the first thing you think of will be the CPU processing speed is the frequency of data processing pulses. This parameter is advertised or recorded directly on the product in units of Ghz (Gigahertz). Therefore, a fast or slow CPU specified by the Ghz parameters must be high or low. Moreover, a low-CPU with high Ghz can not match a high-end CPU but has a lower Ghz.

About the core-core structure in CPU

Core: The core and core of the processor. When you see a 2-core CPU on the front of the CPU, it means that the CPU can perform two different tasks at the same time.

Thread: Data processing stream. Current CPUs have hyper-threading technology that allows the processor to process two parallel data streams simultaneously. Also when you see a 4-core 4-thread CPU, this CPU has 4 processors (4 cores, 4 cores) inside and can handle 4 simultaneous data streams.

About integrated technology on CPU

With current CPU manufacturing technologies, CPUs with additional GPU (graphics processing unit) are integrated on them, which will help you handle graphics and 3D mode in the most convenient way when the machine is not. with removable Card.

About Bus

When you buy you often see this parameter in the product information sheet, this is the speed of the data pulse in the system and is calculated in Mhz (Megahertz).

About internal memory (Cache)

As the cache is located inside the CPU with the larger the cache, the reception and storage of data for more processing thereby increasing the processing speed of the CPU.

About the number of pins

The number of pins on the CPU is taken as the gojicho CPU name when buying a CPU to be compatible with the socket (Slot, Socket) on the Mainboard.

About general rules

When buying, you need to choose a CPU that suits your current economic situation and must be compatible with the motherboard you are using. Especially when you want to upgrade the CPU for your computer, you need to pay attention to the parameters to balance the load of the motherboard to extend the computer life longer.

About accessories included when buying

Full CPUs will include: External case, CPU in a plastic wallet, fan, logo stamp, brochure, instructions, can be accompanied with a genuine product certificate.

About product warranty

This is one of the last notes to accept buying a CPU as it relates to an unusual problem when the product has been purchased. Usually this regime lasts up to 36 months.

Above, we have shown you how to choose the right CPU for your computer, so that you can choose the most suitable central processor. Also, you can refer How to install the CPU on the motherboard of the computer to manually assemble the devices in the computer.
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