Choosing to buy a laptop hard drive Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus

Choosing to buy a laptop hard drive Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus

To choose to buy Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus hard drive, you need to understand the characteristics, advantages of each product line of the manufacturers and your needs, only then can you make a decision. Buy the hard drive that best suits your computer, let’s find out the following article!

Hard drive laptop is the data storage part of a computer, so it is very important for users. However, due to different user needs, some users require a higher capacity than the manufacturer or the laptop’s hard drive is broken, they need to replace a hard drive. other.

Instruction to buy laptop hard drive Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus

With today’s rich market, it will be difficult to choose for yourself a good laptop hard drive that is affordable. Not to mention, recently, SSDs increasingly appearing on the market will make you confused and also very easy to buy fake SSDs of poor quality. And this article, Taimienphi will share with readers a few ways to choose to buy laptop hard drives that we have collected. Stay tuned.

Choosing to buy laptop hard drive Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer …

1. Sort laptop hard drive

As mentioned above, there are currently two popular hard drive lines SSD and HDD. SSDs have a data read and write speed that is superior to that of HDDs due to the way memory chips work much better than magnetic disks. While the memory chip boots up and can work immediately, the magnetic disk also takes time for the rotating motor to reach the correct speed. You can verify this easily in practice, an SSD computer takes a few seconds to get ready, while a HDD takes minutes. The measurement score when copying data of SSD is also much higher than that of HDD.

how to choose to buy SSD laptop

HDD motor and data reader components are easily affected by external forces such as shaking, dropping … causing them to be skewed leading to a complete shutdown, although data can still be saved. OK, but the drive loses its operability. SSDs do not have any moving parts, so the drive as well as the data are completely able to survive the physical impact from outside (of course not too strong). For more details, please refer to the article compare hard drive SDD and HDD here

2. Select a manufacturer

Currently there are many different laptop hard drive manufacturers such as Toshiba, Western Digital, Transcend, Apacer, Adata, Seagate… But two reputable brands that users appreciate for quality are Western Digital and Seagate.

how to choose to buy laptop also

Regarding warranty policy: Segate external hard drive has the longest warranty period 5 years. The remaining carriers are warranted 36 months.

3. Storage capacity

Users should base on their usage needs to buy laptop hard drive with suitable capacity. For office workers, choose a 160GB hard drive that is suitable for storage needs. For those who do need more storage, you should buy the larger capacity.

4. Hard drive rotation speed

Currently, laptop hard drive manufacturers focus on developing the drive interface with the motherboard. Therefore, users only see the parameters of 5,400rpm, 7,200rpm or 10,000 rpm (revolutions / minute), higher RPM means the data transmission speed is also faster.

guide to buy laptop also

You do not need to care about the SATA speed of the hard drive. For example, a modern hard drive has an index of 3GB / s and 7200RPM. No HDD can achieve data transfer speeds of 3GB / s, but a 7200RPM hard drive is always faster than a 5400RPM drive.

5. Price

When buying any item, the most important thing users care about is the price. Laptop hard drives are no exception, once you’ve determined what type of storage drive to buy, it’s up to you to choose which factors are most relevant to your needs to choose the best hard drive. From there you can examine the price of a few sales websites, choose products that meet the criteria given and can finally calculate the price per GB.

For you with a wealthier economy, the choice of patterns 240GB, 250GB, 256GB hard drive Here to backup data more and also help the computer work more stable. If the economy is a bit lower, you can refer to the sample 120GB hard drive, 128GB Cheap prices here to equip your laptop.

Above is a summary of how to choose to buy laptop hard drive that Taimienphi collects and shares with readers. Hopefully, with this article, readers will have a good choice to replace the old hard drive laptop HDD you are using. In addition, mobile hard drives are also an indispensable part if readers use the computer, it helps us to store data quickly and avoid sudden data loss. However, choosing an external hard drive is not easy, you need to have experience to buy an external hard drive, please read the article sharing experience of buying a mobile hard drive that we introduced earlier. .
In addition, when buying a hard drive, you also need to know how to split the hard drive without losing data to your computer, with instructions. How to split a hard drive the computer that Free Download has shared will help you make it successfully.


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