Choosing to buy mainboard for computers, laptops

It can be said that the motherboard or motherboard is the most important factor that constitutes a complete computer. Before buying a computer or upgrading, replacing the mainboard, you need to know how to choose a mainboard that is affordable, suitable for the remaining components in the computer.

The mainboard is the bridge between devices, all devices, computer components such as CPU, RAM, HDD, VGA, … are attached to the mainboard. Currently on the market there are many types of mainboards as well as different prices, so you need to learn how to choose to buy a motherboard that suits other devices to achieve optimal performance for your system. .


1. Mainboard size

Mainboard size is an important factor but very few people pay attention to. For desktop cases, the two most common sizes of mainboards are ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) and mainboard size of HTPC system is mini-ATX. The image below will give you a more intuitive view of the size of the mainboard types.

For desktop installation needs, the ATX mainboard option is the best fit. ATX mainboard types are designed by the manufacturer according to appropriate layout standards so that the installation of other components in the computer is not entangled.

How to choose the mainboard

2. Support Socket, CPU

Socket is the number of contacts on the motherboard with the CPU, if you buy the motherboard has a different number of pins on the CPU, then when you install the CPU on the computer you will not be able to use the CPU. So this is a very important factor in choosing a motherboard.

How to choose the mainboard

On the market today there are 2 largest CPU manufacturers in the world Intel and AMD. Therefore, the mainboard is also divided into two types: the mainboard supports Intel CPU and the mainboard supports AMD CPU. With Intel mainboard, it is divided into many different sockets, popular as LGA (Land Grid Array) 775, 1150 and on some of the latest Kaby Lake CPU series is 1151. On AMD mainboard, there are AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1, FM2, … Because there are many different socket types, you need to find the mainboard that supports the number of sockets on the CPU you want to install.

3. Number of RAM pins

RAM (Random Access Memory) is an indispensable part of the computer. So you also need to pay special attention to the RAM slots on your mainboard. Currently on the market there are mainboards that support different RAM buses and the number of slots, for example, your RAM has 1600 MHz bus and your mainboard only supports a maximum bus of 1333 MHz, it will not be able to take full advantage. speed of RAM and very easy to cause conflicts. You should prioritize the mainboards that support your RAM bus and should prioritize the mainboards, RAM with a high number of buses because a higher bus will have a higher data transfer rate. At the same time, you should choose the mainboard with the number of ram slots from 2 or more slots to facilitate the upgrade of RAM later if needed.

How to choose the mainboard

4. Other factors

Currently there are many types of mainboards with full ports according to the standards PCI-E, gate SATA3… on both the cheap mainboard enough to please and convenient for future upgrades. Besides, you should buy the mainboard at reputable addresses and ask the support staff directly to choose the product that best suits your computer.
Above is how to choose the mainboard, how to choose to buy mainboard that has mentioned. Hopefully, this article will help you clearly understand the parameters of the mainboard and how to choose the best motherboard for your computer. In addition, in upgrading computers, it is not difficult to avoid mistakes when upgrading computers, please read more carefully to make the most accurate computer upgrade option. Good luck !


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