Choosing to buy server components, Server

You are about to implement a big project and you are wondering how to buy server components to suit your budget. Please refer to the following article of to know how to choose to buy server components, Server.

Job Choose to buy server components for individuals or businesses is important because it determines how far your project can grow and to what extent. There are many types of servers as well as the components needed to build them. However, we only need to choose the server components that match the needs of the job and fully meet the usability from users.

So, is it difficult to choose a server hard drive for other components? Whether you’re a beginner or a couple of years old, it’s sometimes confusing to choose a server hard drive, RAM, or other components. Therefore, this article will help you choose the best server components to buy.

How to choose to buy server components

1. Chassis server

Chassis server is the first thing that you need to consider when choosing to buy server components, this is the case and the device that protects the server hardware components. Chassis servers have three main types: Tower Server, Rack-mount Server and Blade Server, which are clearly distinguished by the size and shape of the chassis.

Tower Server: The vertical form, also known as the tower type, is suitable for use alone because of its mobility.
Rack mount Server: A traditional horizontal form, this is a fixed type but suitable for all spaces
Blade Server: This is a vertical form but is used for dense server systems.

2. Choose to buy CPU server

How to choose to buy server components 2

The next Chassis server is CPU server, and it is just like the CPU on a normal computer but it is more optimized to use for the server. This is also the server’s central processor, which receives and analyzes millions of user commands. That’s why the CPU server is the most important part. Currently, the most popular market are AMD and INTEL.

AMD CPU It is known for its high speed but high heat generation, but it has been significantly overcome since AMD’s new technology was introduced and now many companies choose to use AMD CPUs.

CPU of Intel Has long won the hearts of believers using strong and persistent memory. Not to mention Intel Xeon and Core i7, upcoming here is Core i9 with tremendous performance. In addition, Intel Xeon is also the most used chip for the server line.

3. Choose to buy mainboard server

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Just like a computer, after the CPU is the Mainboard or Motherboard server, the motherboard and also the center of a system. Mainboard is responsible for connecting and transmitting between devices. The mainboard also contains data channels (bus), processors (chipsets), memory sockets, memory interfaces, and peripherals such as printers, monitors. , keyboards, mice, digital cameras. This is generally a very necessary component for a computer.

4. Choose to buy RAM server

Choosing to buy server components 4

RAM is an important component because it determines the number and size of programs that can be run at the same time as well as the amount of data that can be processed immediately. RAM determines the ability of the computer to access data to the user, especially with the server server system, it is very important to choose a good server RAM. Basically, RAM has two main types: SDR (Single Data Rate) and DDR (Double Data Rate), their structure is quite similar but DDR is capable of transmitting data at both up and down points of the signal. the speed is twice as fast.

Currently RAM has grown to DDR4 with the bus can be up to 2400 and even higher, so you should choose this type of RAM with a brand name to use for your server.

5. Choose to buy HDD / SSD server

– For HDD, you should choose hard drive with standard SCSI or SAS interface – Serial Attached SCSI have higher bandwidth 600MB / s and owning a rotation speed 30% higher 10,000RPM, some new SAS drives still achieve numbers 15,000 RPM help maximize the speed of data reading / writing and the ability to connect many other SAS devices in the LAN of organizations and businesses.

– With SSD we should choose a good performance type, the capacity is only about 120 GB to 240 GB because often when choosing to buy server components we only choose SSD to install the operating system only. However, if your budget is large, you can choose SSDs with better capacity.

6. Choose to buy RAID

Choosing to buy server components 5

This is an important component in a modern server, this controller will combine the hard drives into a unified system with backup and error-proof mechanisms to keep your data safe when problems occur. physical happening.

7. Choose to buy PSU – backup power

The components that provide power to the internal devices play an important role in the operation of the server, so the specialized server lines often follow high-capacity, replaceable power supplies. or backup when the main power supply fails. Servers often operate day after day, so a stable power supply is needed so that the system can work for a long time.

Note when buying server components

– You should select components according to pre-set cost limits.
– Choose to buy server components should choose according to the needs of individuals or businesses.
– Should consult more forums, groups on Facebook about the server.
– Should choose reputable firms in Vietnam and long warranty period.
The above are ways to help you choose the optimal server components as well as our explanations of the equipment you are researching. These are the issues of choosing to buy server components, and you never have to worry about keeping Linux and Windows servers. with the Linux server reason is better than Windows The following will surely make you wonder next.


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