Clean your computer, clean your hard drive with CCleaner

CCleaner software brings quite a lot of attractive features to users. With an effective computer cleaning feature, besides deleting the computer registry, your system will return to the best performance. In addition, you also use many other tools in CCleaner such as uninstall …

To make your computer use better, you can download TuneUp Utilities or Wise Care 365 to clean, but each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following article will guide you how to clean, clean your hard drive with Ccleaner you follow.
Clean your computer, clean your hard drive with CCleaner

* Download system cleaning software Ccleaner

Step 1: Start CCleaner (Refer to how install ccleaner)
Step 2: Conducting a sweep.

First you select Tools (1) select Clean drive (2)
-Here you put (3) clean up for your computer. In the Wipe section, you have 2 options: Only free space and Full disk, you should select Only free space.
-In the Security section you choose: Simple override (1 time).
-Select the drive you want to scan. Here I choose the drive TAIMIENPHI.VN (D 🙂

Step 3: Scan and cancel scan.

Once set up as above. You select Wipe (4) to perform a cleaning or also press Cancel (5) to cancel the scanning process. Please see the image below to visualize the process.
scan, clean by also using ccleaner
That is how to clean the drive with Ccleaner software, Ccleaner software not only has the function of cleaning the drive alone it is a multifunctional software, you can refer to how Optimize your computer system with CCleaner here.


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