Clear the checkbox next to a folder in Windows

Your folders have a cluttered check box, which is hard to see and work with. To “remove” these “obstacles” please refer to the instructions to remove the checkbox next to the folder in Windows.

For important folders on the computer, users often use Folder Lock to lock. Software Folder Lock Help keep your data secure against any compromise. Clearing the checkbox is that we optimize the machine, personalize Windows to suit the needs of use.

Clear the checkbox next to a folder in Windows

For those who love innovation, innovation is Change the folder color in Windows will help you reduce boredom. To remove the Checkbox mark next to a folder in Windows to reduce distractions, follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Click here Tổ chức.


Step 2: Choose Folder and search options.

checkbox checkbox

Step 3: Choose card View.


Step 4: Unchecked Use check boxes to select items. Then press OK, got it.


And here is your result, the Checkbox mark has disappeared.

remove the checkbox

Just a small trick, but has helped you less uncomfortable when using a computer right. Besides removing the checkbox for each type of Windows, the way to open Folder Options is a little different. Let’s see how Open Folder Options in each type of Win. I wish you successful implementation!


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