Clear Youtube history, entire watch and search history

Clear Youtube history, entire watch and search history

How to clear YouTube video search history helps you to avoid having other users on your device know what videos you were watching and searching before. If you do not know how to delete YouTube history, you can immediately refer to the instructions in the article below.

The YouTube social network has a built-in video search history feature that helps us find those videos faster, if you don’t like it, you can also delete the YouTube history manually including the videos viewed as well as keywords. have searched for that video, if on Facebook, users are easy Clear facebook search history then on YouTube too, deleting YouTube search history is extremely simple

How to Delete YouTube history, Delete YouTube search history on computer

As you know, there are thousands of videos shared and searched on YouTube right now, to ensure personal privacy you should delete all history after each search and use on this page. Here we will guide you how Clear search history and Watch Videos lists on YouTube, you refer.

Attention: The article applies in case you have logged into your YouTube account (or your Google account) already

Delete YouTube history, Delete YouTube search history on computer

Step 1: In Youtube interface -> You look to the left column => click History in the section Library

Delete history search youtube

Step 2: Here you can delete View history and Search history. To delete the Viewing History, click Clear all watch history to delete all or selected Pause watch history to pause saving video watch history

Delete history

Step 3: You switch to the Search History tab and do the same as step 2 to delete the search history or pause the search history.

Delete history search on youtube
Thus, with the above tutorial, Taimienphi has helped you to delete YouTube history, delete all YouTube search history and delete video information viewed on YouTube, in addition to clearing video search history, you can do it Download Youtube videos in many different ways to easily save the best videos to your computer


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