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Click the black network cable


Pressing the network cable is the basic job that any IT Support or IP HelpDesk need to know when working, or basically the network in your family you also need to know, with clicking the black network cable will let you know. type 4 strands like this, how to press the black network cable like.

Usually we press with multicolored network cables and have a total of 8 strands and use the standard RJ45 to press. However there are also types of strings that do not have 8 fibers for example press the black network cable with only 4 strands how to press the black network cable and store the transmission in the best state.

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If you have never pressed a black network cable with 4 strands, the following guide will show you how to press the standard black network cable, ensuring the connection is like the 8-thread type.

Instructions to press the black network cable

Preparation tool:

– RJ45 network cable pliers, click type standard, popular and cost about 80,000 VND.
– Dedicated wire cutter, can use the blade of the pliers on the bottom instead.
– The most popular RJ45 network nut today, you can find it at any computer accessories store.
– Of course, the black 4-wire network

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Step 1: Proceed using a knife, scissors or use the pliers to cut off the shell of the network cord.
Note is to cut only the outer protective sheath, not the sheath of the inner wires.

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Step 2: Then pluck the strands straight and equal and insert it into the RJ45 network nut, note that if the days are not equal you can use scissors or pliers to cut them to make them equal.

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Before proceeding to insert the wire into the RJ45 network nut, readers need to refer to the image of the black network wiring instructions below to know the most suitable positions.

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Step 3: After making sure about the holes inserted in the RJ45 network nut, we continue to fix the RJ45 beads and black network cables.

Note that after the fixings do not work or the way you press the black network cable is not standard, the only way is to cut the line and make a new one.

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Step 4: Then you use the machine to check if the connection is homogeneous, if the light turns on at the same time, it means that the 4-strand black network cable is successful.

In case you do not have the test tool, you can plug both inputs into any modem, if both are bright, the connection is smooth and you do not have to press it again.

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The above is a guide on how to press the black network cable applied to 4-wire types, this is also the best way to click 4-wire network to ensure the connection within 100 meters for each connection, in addition to how to press the 4-wire network cord The standard is also a way to help you practice on how to click the best network cable instead of focusing on the current 8-wire network cables.



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