Close and close the CDROM drive with Nircmd

Close and close the CDROM drive with Nircmd

Nircmd is a command application that helps users save time and manipulate to perform Windows tasks developed by Nirsoft. It has commands that allow users to perform operations such as: Edit Regedit, dial a network connection, restart the computer, turn off the computer, create Shortcut, … in command line mode.

If in the previous post you know how Using Nircmd to lock and turn off the screen, in this article will guide you how open and close the CDROM drive with Nircmd.

Instructions for opening and closing a CDROM drive with Nircmd

Step 1: Download Nircmd to the computer. You can download the latest version of Nircmd

Step 2: After the download is successful, Find where to save the file and extract the files as shown below, copy these 3 files into a freely named folder here, named Taimienphi named AutoCDROM

Step 3: Next, go to the Desktop and right-click and select new-> Shortcut as shown below.

Step 4: A new window will appear, here You click Browse then navigate to the directory containing the Nircmd files that you saved earlier

Select File nircmd.exe as shown below and then click OK, got it

Will look like the picture below

Step 5: Next, at school Type the location of the item You type the following line “Cdrom open X:” Inside X is the name of your CDROM drive then press next as shown below.

If you want to close the CDROM drive at this step you just need to replace the command line “Cdrom open X:” equal “cdrom close X: ”

Step 6: Name the Shortcut and press finish

Step 7: Now, in addition to the Desktop screen, there is a new shortcut, you can have the icon of the shortcut as you like, When clicking Open the drive will automatically open quickly and conveniently, right?
We have just instructed you to open and close the CDROM drive with Nircmd, this tip is really useful for those who have a computer error Eject the drive quite quickly and conveniently. With only a few simple steps, you can reduce the number of actions you have to take, which will save you a lot of time.


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