Close-up of the 25 km long sea bridge built in 4 years, mainly by automatic welding robots

The 25km-long Zhoushan – Daishan sea bridge connecting two islands in Zhejiang province, Eastern China was officially opened to traffic on December 29, 2021. This is one of the longest sea-crossing bridges in the world today.

Very high quality smooth flat bridge deck built according to airport runway standards. So this is one of the flattest spheres in China.

Chu Son – Dai Son sea bridge.

Due to the typical humid weather here, the bridge is equipped with a specially designed road marking system and signal lights. Windshields are designed high to reduce the influence of wind and help prolong the life of the building.

Around the bridge there are many beacons to warn boats passing by at night.

Mr. Piao Long – Deputy Director of Chu Son – Dai Son Bridge Technical Department said that it takes up to 400,000 tons of steel to build this bridge, of which 85% of the bridge construction process is using automatic welding robots.

Engineers took up to 4 years to complete this bridge connecting Chu Son and Dai Son islands. This sea bridge will bring many benefits to more than 200,000 residents on Dai Son Island.

In addition to the Chu Son – Dai Son sea-crossing bridge, we invite you to watch a series of close-up videos of other great and impressive constructions:


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