Close-up of the diver’s encounter with Anaconda pythons and piranhas in the Brazilian river

In the video is a rare footage of typical freshwater creatures in Brazil, including anacondas, piranhas… by professional diver and video technician Bartolomeo Bove.

The first is the otters, animals known as ‘water leopards’. Thanks to its webbed feet and powerful tail, the otters can leap underwater.

The second animal that Bove met was the piranha, or tiger fish, sawtooth fish …, they are considered the most dangerous “water monster” in the Amazon region in South America. This fish possesses triangular, razor-sharp teeth. The bite force of the black piranha, measured at about 320 newtons, is nearly three times the force generated by the American alligator. Therefore, this fish can easily bite through metal.

Piranha fish also have quite sensitive hearing that helps them locate their prey even in murky water.

In particular, when attacking prey, Piranha fish will be stimulated when the victim bleeds and makes this fish attack more frantically. That’s why they are also known as “bloodthirsty” animals.

Another video of the 7 meter long Anaconda python encounter in the riverbed of 2 divers.

The scariest animal Bove faced was the anaconda, one of the largest snakes in the world.

The Anaconda python is native to South America. This python is half-land and half-water, often hiding in the swamps, rivers and dense forests of South America.

Anaconda pythons are very large, adults can be up to 5.21m long, weigh 100kg and have a body diameter of up to 30cm.


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