Close-up of the most “gypsy” giant white shark in the ocean with hundreds of scars

In the video is a great white shark with hundreds of injuries, which has surprised and excited researchers. This shark was discovered near the Neptune Islands, south of Australia, home to about 1,000 white sharks.

Underwater cinematographer Dean Spraakman, who had the opportunity to encounter this “gypsy” shark, said that, contrary to the markings on the body, this shark is quite “friendly” and “omen”. static”.

According to Dean, no one had ever seen a shark in this state before. He believes that the scratches on the shark’s body are due to the fact that it used to hunt a lot of stingrays, chasing into sharp shallow rocky areas.

Some other opinions suggest that this great white shark may have been injured by the propeller of the boat or the tuna net that the fishermen threw into the sea.

Professor Yannis Papastamatiou, a researcher working at National Geographic, believes that this ‘head bear’ shark has been fighting with other sharks for territory.

The great white shark is also known by other names such as white needle nose, white death, and great white shark. This fish belongs to the order Sharks and is found in coastal areas throughout all oceans.

The great white shark is famous for its huge size, which can reach 6.4 m long and weigh 3,324 kg. Great white sharks can swim at a maximum speed of more than 56 km/h.


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