CMD, the commands in cmd win 7, 8

You have used the CMD command to shutdown, scan the system file or check the network connection or … besides these common commands there are also good CMD commands that you may not know. This article summarizes the good CMD commands, useful Command Prompt commands.

CMD command in Windows 7, Windows 8 Run help you can perform many installation options with windows, in the previous article Taimienphi has instructed you to fix CMD error in win 7, 8 when the error message in your case has started the Command Prompt.

In this article, we will send you the summary of cmd commands in win 7, 8 to perform the daily tasks that you still use by manual operations, helping you save a lot of time. more work time.

CMD, the commands in cmd win 10, 7, 8

First, you guys need it launch Command Prompt

1. Command run cmd Shutdown: Shutdown or shutdown timer
The use of computer shutdown software is not necessary if you know how to execute CMD commands on Windows.
For example, I need to turn off the computer after 10 minutes. I run the CMD command by pressing Windows + R, turn on the RUN dialog box, type or copy – paste the command line: “shutdown -s -t 3600
shutdown: Turn off the computer
s: shorthand for shutdown
t: stands for time
3600: Shutdown timer time in seconds (you can increase or decrease it)
If you want to turn off your computer and replace 3600 with 0, your computer will be shut down.

Then click OK to execute the command. A dialog box opens informing your computer will turn off after 10 minutes.

cau lenh cmd

So we can replace the use of shutdown timer software with this CMD command.

2. cmd command Ipconfig: Find the computer IP.
If checking your computer’s IP through many steps takes you time, you can perform them on the Command Prompt quickly.
First we open Command Prompt by pressing Windows + R then hit cmd already Enter.

lenh run cmd

At the command prompt, type “Ipconfig“or right click and paste them.

command run cmd in win 7

After typing “Ipconfig” you press Enter to see your machine’s IP address.

cmd in win 8

This is the machine IP address in the LAN.

3. cmd command “Ping”: Check network connection.
Not too complicated and time-consuming if you want to check the Windows network connection also supports you when executing the “Ping diachitrangweb“on the Command Prompt. For example, to check the network connection we Ping with we type in the Command Prompt” Ping “and then press Enter.

cau lenh in cmd

This way you can also check the connection with other computers in the LAN. When done we need to type Ping with IP address of that machine.

4. Command run cmd Ipconfig / flushdns: Clear all DNS memory data
When changing DNS Server effects may not change immediately, so Windows uses a cache to save changes of DNS to save time accessing the previous address. To make sure Windows receives an address from a new DNS Server instead of using the old address in the cache, simply run the command ipconfig / flushdns after changing your DNS Server.

After successfully executing the machine command: Successfully …as shown above.

5. Sfc / Scannow: Scan system files.
In Windows has built-in System Files Checker to scan all system files and check how the system problems and automatically fix them. So how to use the System Files Checker? very simply open a Command Prompt window and type “sfc / scannow

The use of the sfc / scannow command replaces the installation of other utility software and they are done quite quickly and simply.

6. Netstat: List network statistics when used.
The Netstat command helps to display all network statistics when used with different options. If you need to list network statistics, this is a useful command.

CMD command is also used to fix the situation that the computer can not connect to the internet anymore, you see how Fix network errors with CMD command here

7. Netstat –an: Lists network connections, network gateways and connected IP addresses.
One of the most interesting variants of Netstat is Netstat –an, when you issue this command it displays a list of all open network connections on the computer along with the ports being used and the addresses. IP connected.

8. Telnet: Commands connected to Telnet Servers
When you need to connect to Telnet Servers you can still do it directly by command without using the software. Because Telnet Servers is not pre-installed on your computer, it will cause an error as shown below.

telnet bang lenh cmd

You must install Telnet Servers by going to the Control Pannel selected Program (1) choose next Turn Windows features on or of (2) Scroll down to find and select Telnet Servers (3) then press Ok (4) to turn on Telnet Servers

telnet settings

Telnet Servers are used when connecting directly to a device and it requires you to use Telnet to set up, avoiding Telnet Servers when not needed.

9. Cipher: Erase data permanently
As we all know the Cipher command is mainly used for encryption management, but besides that it also allows you to permanently delete files when you need to clean the drive.
For example, I want to delete the Folder Image taimienphi in drive D we do the following:
cipher / w: d: Image of taimienphi

delete the data of officer lenh cmd

Because deleted data will not be recoverable, please be careful during execution, avoid confusion.

Those are the 9 Command Prompt commands introduced by Taimienphi, but in reality, depending on the purpose you can use them with CMD command or other uses such as Remove viruses manually or clean junk, fix boot file, open virtual keyboard …
Because some commands on CMD require users to run CMD with Administrator rights on Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10 to be able to access. You can refer to the article run CMD with Administrator rights that has shared.


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