Coc Coc does not show download button, causes and fixes

Error Coc Coc not showing download button is a common problem and appears most when users install and use the Coc Coc browser on their computer. This is also the leading reason why users cannot download videos to computers on Coc Coc. However, refer to the instructions in this article of, you will be able to fix Coc Coc error without showing download button.

TipsUse Coc Coc to download videos and music very fast

Coc Coc browser is a rare number of web browsers today besides Firefox or Opera that support downloading music and videos. Not only that, this tool also supports Facebook being easily blocked. However, one of the common mistakes when installing Coc Coc is that it does not display the download button on Coc Coc to download videos and music. This is not a difficult error to fix, but users need to know how to restore the download button on Coc Coc properly.

Cause Coc Coc download button is currently due to the user or the browser has automatically turned off the download tool Coc Coc Savior built-in, this is a tool to support users to download videos on Coc Coc.

Coc Coc does not show download button, causes and fixes

Step 1: Click Menu Coc Coc in the left corner of the browser, click Settings (Settings)>More Tools.

Click to continue Extension (Utilities) and tick Enable (On) in the Savior section.

coc coc no download button

Step 2: After you turn on Coc Coc Savior, you will see a download icon appears again and there is no error status Coc Coc no download button anymore.

How to install the download button on coc coc

After that, you can fix the error of not downloading videos on Coc Coc, not only download videos, you can also download music on Coc Coc.

download download on coc coc

You will see the Download button again on Coc Coc.

I cannot download videos on coc coc

Already able to download videos on Coc Coc and other content on Coc Coc easily.

In general, Coc Coc is one of the improved web browsers from Google Chrome with the addition of a Download button, but if Coc Coc does not show a download button, you can try to reset Coc Coc to refresh all settings, install helps the browser run smoothly again.

Whenever Facebook network is blocked, users always choose how to access Facebook with Coc Coc as a top priority so that users can continue to access Facebook and connect with friends, this is one of the outstanding features of Coc Coc but not all, even users can solve math with Coc Coc accurately, convenient for the process of reference and learning.
Wish you fix the Coc Coc not showing download success button!


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