Code Lien Thu Thanh Thanh 2020

To celebrate the official launch of the Thu Thanh Alliance, the publisher SohaGame has released a lot of super valuable Thu Thanh Union Code with rewards including Diamonds, Summon Cards and many events to receive powerful weapons. .

Gameplay Lien Thanh Army Very simple, anyone can approach and master the first few rounds. Not only directly virtual town, players of Thu Thanh Coalition can also participate in battle operations, capture resources, climb towers, expeditionary or boss battles … and many other features.

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1. How to get Code Lien Thanh Thu Thanh
2. How to enter the Code Lien Thanh Thu Thanh
3. Link download game Lien Thanh Thu Thanh

How to get Code Lien Thanh Army

In this article, Taimienphi will summarize some events and ways for players to receive the Code of Thu Thanh Troop, each of which brings a completely separate reward.

Event 1: Share Trailer received Thu Lien’s Military Code
– Reward: GiftCode set worth 1,000,000
– Link to join: Events 1

Event 2: Like page receives Code Lien Thu Thu Thanh
– Reward: GiftCode Vip 10 Set
– Link to join: Events 2

Event 3: Vote App 5 * receives Code of Thu Thanh Troop Code
– Reward: Includes many pieces of generals, summon cards …
– Link to join: Events 3

In addition, you can also get the Thu Thanh Lien Code by participating in a news event on Landing here. Rewards are based on the number of players registered to register.

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Instruction to enter Code Lien Thanh Thu Thanh

Currently the game is in the Alpha Test phase, the Code of the Union Military Code has not been released yet, so readers must wait until the testing process ends. Taimienphi will provide information to you fastest.

A new version of the Three Kingdoms mobile game was launched today, with many events and activities taking place for players to receive. Three Kingdoms Code 94, provide generals and pieces of generals to help you quickly own the legendary generals, high ranks.

Link download game Lien Thanh Thu Thanh
Join Thu Thanh Troops players perform the task of arranging the battle formation to defend each wave of soldiers, the difficulty is increased gradually by each level.
– Link to download Android version: Lien Thanh Thu Thanh for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Lien Thanh Thu Thanh for iPhone


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