Code of the Three Kingdoms of Lies and how to enter the code

Coming to Tam Quoc Liet Truyen, you will have 130 generals and 7 armies. All characters in the game are sketched by the team with a 1:1 ratio just like in the prototype.

The game is based on the original Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia, recreating the unique army in Chinese history. This is where you will fight the guild that exists in a server.

Like many other games, Tam Quoc Lieu Truyen also gives players giftcodes for players to receive in-game gifts. In addition to the giftcodes that are given, gamers will have additional giftcodes in events that many people need in the game. Here is how to enter giftcode Tam Quoc Liet Truyen.

Code Three Kingdoms Lies the latest story

Step 1: First you need to go to the website to receive the code of Tam Quoc Liet Truyen by following the link below. There is currently no live streaming code from the publisher, so you will receive the code from events.

Link to receive code Three Kingdoms Lie Truyen

In here you will have events and giftcode Tam Quoc Liet Truyen, along with the events that the publisher is organizing in the game. You’ll choose All To view all available events, select see more at events to participate in.

Step 2: Here you will get the event request to get the code, select Join under.

Three Kingdoms List Story Code

Step 3: You will be redirected to the game’s Fanpage. Here the content of the task of receiving the code will be more detailed.

Three Kingdoms List Story Code

Enter the code Three Kingdoms Lie Truyen

Step 1: To enter the code received in the event or from the game publisher, in the main interface, click on the avatar icon in the upper right corner.

Three Kingdoms

Step 2: In your personal information, please select Redeem Gifts.

Three Kingdoms

And enter the code you received from the event or from the publisher and select Redeem.

Three Kingdoms of Legend

So you have received gifts from the giftcode Tam Quoc Tien Truyen. From these rewards, you will have more upgrades for your army.

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