Code Tombs Mobile 2020

During the event, gamers can receive lots of Vip Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile worth tens of millions of dong and hundreds of valuable items, so how to receive gift codes? Invite adventurers to join Taimienphi to monitor the following instructions.

Today, role-playing game Dao Mo Ky Mobile officially launched players on Android and iOS platforms, along with SohaGame has released many events to thank players by launching. Code Graveyard Mo Mobile and other valuable gifts, resources for early game players.

Role-playing game discover the ancient tomb mystery on the phone

How to get Code Graveyard Mobile

In the following article, Taimienphi will summarize some events and events to help players own Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile quickly.

Event 1: Loan opened the server to receive VIP CODE
– Reward: Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile worth 1000K
+ 100000 * Gold
+ 1 * Expandable bag 2
+ 10 * Empowered stone
+ 40 * Stone training 1
– Link to join: Events 1

Event 2: Join the community to get good Code husband
– Reward: Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile
– Link to join: Events 2

Event 3: Capturing genuine generals
– Reward: Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile
+ 3 Detective Bao Bao -Gang
+ 10 Stone Training I
+ 20 Jade Yin and Yang
+ 20000 Gold
– Link to join: Events 3

Do not forget to visit Fanpage or Group regularly, participate in the Event to have the opportunity to own Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile and many other gifts.
– Join Fanpage to receive Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile here.
– Join Group receive Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile here.

code mo mo mobile 2

Instruction to enter the Code Dao Mo Ky Mobile

Step 1: At the main interface of Dao Mo Ky Mobile game, click the icon Welfare.

Step 2: In the system Welfare, click Redeem GiftCode And enter the gift code in the box next to, click Change.

Hopefully, Taimienphi’s Code Dao Mo Ky article will help you own many delicious items and good items to facilitate the discovery and excavation of tombs. Also if you are intending to play Ancient Sword Love right now, then receive Code Ancient Search Love here.

Link download game Dao Mo Ky Mobile

Joining Dao Mo Ky, players are allowed to choose 1 of 5 character classes with character shaping with a youthful and dynamic life style. They use paranormal weapons that contain mysterious powers that science still can’t explain.
– Link to download Android version: Martyrs Mobile for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Directed Mo Mobile for iPhone


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