- The ideal Fanpage sales management tool for Shop owners – The ideal Fanpage sales management tool for Shop owners

Among the Fanpage sales management tools, is the perfect choice for individuals and businesses selling online on Facebook. With superior features, the software promises to bring Shop owners the respectable business results that the sales method on the traditional website is limited.

Some customers after using the Fanpage admin support tool greatly appreciate the Yes Application. So why is Yes Application so trusted by many people? Join us to learn about the features of, – The ideal Fanpage sales management tool for Shop owners in the following article. – The ideal Fanpage sales management tool for Shop owners

The preeminent feature of Yes Application helps shop owners to operate effectively

Job Online sales on Facebook Currently popular. “Houses of people” all use Facebook for business, so without an effective sales strategy, you will be hard to compete. Therefore, using sales support tools, Fanpage Single Fan management is a wise choice to improve business efficiency. Advantages of the software are appreciated as:

– Support to hide comments quickly, avoid “robbing guests”: Selling on Facebook Fanpage always has many competitors. Therefore, if the customer comment information does not hide quickly, the opponent will contact and send the goods first. This will cause damage to the shop’s sales and reputation. Therefore, with the quick hidden comment feature, the shop owner is completely assured of overcoming the situation of being “played bad” by the opponent.

– Display full messages, increase interaction: Fanpage has a lot of hits, likes, shares, comments that will attract and create trust for customers. So, the Yes Single system with the feature to increase interaction, reply to messages, comment automatically supports individuals and businesses to save maximum time. Besides, the message displayed fully will limit the situation of omission of orders, thereby contributing to high sales.

– Combining sales channels with the same interface: Instead of losing time to access many different sales channels, the Shop owner completely performs quickly all operations on the same interface from replying to messages to creating orders. Specifically, you can chat with customers while creating an application right on the chat window. Therefore, the process of creating orders and processing orders is shortened. Moreover, the process of managing postings also becomes simple when posting articles on different websites at the same time.

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– Get customer information conveniently and quickly: The history of customers interacting with Fanpage is saved by the system, especially with the feature of getting a phone number on Facebook, the Shop owner will easily get information to advise and retain potential customers to increase. sales. Even, the tool also tells the shop owner to know the customers who used to behave badly like goods bombs, …

– Detailed statistics on business and sales results: The business development or not depends on revenue and sales. Therefore, will help Shop owners know through detailed inventory statistics and sell reports to proactively have a more effective sales strategy. In addition, Yes Application also integrates with major carriers to deliver goods to users quickly, saving maximum costs.

– Monitoring employee performance: Using Yes Application, Shop owners will quickly get revenue results, the number of applications for each employee, thereby, evaluate the simple working performance. In particular, customer feedback on employees can be statistically for store owners to capture.
Thanks to the outstanding advantages, having .vn application becomes the ideal Fanpage sales management tool for Shop owners. With the cost is considered quite cheap but still brings high efficiency, shop owners can feel secure when trusting in The tool is created by a team of experienced software engineers, helping sellers have the best experience. To be able to feel for yourself the effect of Yes Application, readers can access


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