Command for witchcraft in the Empire

The witch in the game download Empire is used to capture the enemy troops. However, there is another type of clay witch in the Empire that has great power. With dame 200 and long range 10, you use the lightning wizard in the following Empire to take down the opponent.

In the Empire game, there is a Cheat Mode that supports beginners to play. With orders in the Empire, players can ask modern troops such as cars, artillery bullets, gunner … and the old man also. In summary of the Empire’s order, there was the code of the Old Man. However, if you do not know how to ask an old man how to thunder, follow the following instructions to know more about the lightning wizard in the Empire.

Lightning witch command in Empire

Step 1: Go to Game to play, remember to tick Enable Cheating to use the Empire codes.

Step 2: Enter the game, press Enter to enter the witch wizard in the empire or you press the icon Chat in the right corner. Enter the code in the box CHAT.

lenh phu thuy set in de che

Step 3: Lightning witch command in empire is CONVERT THIS! . You Enter this command in the chat box and Enter, Each time will buy an old clay guy.

If you want to buy a lot, click Shift + Home to black out later Ctrl + C to save. Finally press the key combination Shift + Enter + Insert to use the Lightning Witch Command in mass empire.

lenh phu thuy set in de che

Step 4: Use the old man lightning to attack the opponents.

lenh phu thuy set in de che

This is one of the strongest armies in the Empire. However, the Wizard of Lightning in the empire is fraud, you will be cursed by other players incessantly if using this method.

To play the game properly, you need to understand how to select troops and install maps in the Empire game. Then gradually develop and play this game. How to choose the army and set the Empire map to help you play your favorite army, play the map you want. Usually players will prefer to hold Shang because of their high development ability. Along with that is using Hill Conntry and Random Map to play the land map.

The next step to progressive gaming is that you need to know the shortcuts in the Empire. Shortcuts allow players to ask people quickly, build houses quickly, use the army …. and many other features. With shortcuts in the Empire you will save a lot of time and manipulation instead of using the mouse.
Most gamers today have heard of the name GTA or GTA Vice City, street robbery game, just like the Empire, in GTA also supports a lot of different GTA commands to help players overcome. If you are playing GTA and not quite the task yet, try using some of these GTA commands.


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