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The Empire, or AOE, has been around for a long time, but it still retains a fairly large number of players. Many new players often look for commands in the Empire to help change the outcome of the match. The code set in the Empire will help players increase resources such as wood, gold or soldiers, … The following article will introduce the general code of the Empire for your reference.

Update: Many new code

Empire or AOE, the game associated with the 8x, 9x generation, became an immortal monument after more than 20 years of launch and the attraction of this top-notch strategy game has never decreased for gamers. like this game series. Using the empire commands that summarized below will help you can win easily in your game screen.

The commands in the Empire game

In the empire, yes empire command – Or another way of calling the game when someone uses the empire command is Hack, is a way for players to cheat with Computer or other players. However, how to play empire it is not a bad thing to use empire commands for beginners or for people who like to create different things.

Table of Contents:
1. Installation instructions to get an empire command when playing the Empire game.
2. How to get an empire command.
3. Summary of all Empire commands.
3.1. The most basic empire commands.
3.2. Empire orders resources.
3.3. Summary of empire orders for troops.
3.4. Summary of some other empire commands.

Empire commands are extremely effective, not only help you win in a short time but also help you relieve stress when losing to too many opponents: D

However, in order to use the empire command, not everyone knows how to install it so that they can get the command and know all the commands in the empire. There are many commands and are divided into different categories. Depending on each piece, each battle, you can use the command to ask for real, military …

lenh de che, lenh aoe

1. Installation instructions to get an empire command when playing the Empire game

Download and install the game Empire (good AOE)

In order to obtain an empire command during the game. At the initial setting, you have to choose Enable Cheating

ma de che moi nhat

2. How to get an empire command

After entering the game, click Chat (or type the key Enter) -> Enter the command in the chat frame -> Type Enter to complete

lay denh de de, tong hop ma denh de che

3. Summary of all Empire commands

3.1. The most basic empire commands

HC: Shortcuts, orders to people in the main house

3.2. Summary of empire orders for resources includes:

PEPPERONI PIZZA: Please 1000 Foot, food (asking for meat in the empire)

COINAGE: Pick 1000 Gold (yellow)

WOODSTOCK: Pick 1000 wood (the wood)

QUARRY: Pick 1000 stone (rock)

3.3. Summary of empire orders for troops

POW: Children ride a bicycle with 3 wheels shooting with pistols

PHOTON MAN: Atomic soldiers shoot lasers

BIG MAMA POW: Children are extremely strong

BIGDADDY: BLACK sports cars (super strong)

DARK RAIN: Support Composite Bowman (2nd ranked soldier in the palace) to walk at sea.

E = MC2 TROOPER: Create Photon Man as destructive as cars.

FLYING DUTCHMAN: The boat shoots rocks on land super strong, this is an empire code based on the legend of the flying Dutchman.

BIG MOMMA: WHITE sports cars (very strong)

BIG BERTHA: Strong stone crane

DARK RAIN: Bow A turns into a tree (blood and long range increase)

BLACK RIDER: Bow horse C turns into a bow horse C UPSIDFLINTMOBILE: The bow horse runs very fast

MEDUSA: best empire command Farmer dies -> bow horse -> stone crane (Farmer 3 generations)

STORMBILLY: Robots are strong

CONVERT THIS!: Wizard war extremely strong

BIG MOMM: Sports cars shoot missiles

KING ARTHUR: Turns all eagles on the map into dragons

HOYOHOYO: Helps witch faster and healthier (1000 blood)

3.4. Summary of some other empire commands

ICBM: Help zip shoot extra distance +100

KILLX: Kill bot X (server)

STEROIDS: This is an order to quickly build an empire, pick fruits quickly, dig gold, chop wood fast, dig rocks quickly, generally everything is fast except for farming houses, fixing houses, boats and … fighting.

NO FOG: Bright map

HARI KARI: Self destruction

GAIA: You control the animals, this is a very funny empire command, but you should note that if you use this empire code you will not be able to control your home anymore.

RESIGN: Lose it too

REVEAL MAP: Full map

GRANTLINKSPENCE: The animals on the map are strong and fast (very difficult to hunt)

HOMERUN: Occupy the opponent’s house, acting like a witch

Summary of Empire commands such as resource orders, military orders … are all shared in this article on When you know how to command in Empire or AOE, you will play the game much easier and more effectively.

In addition, Taimienphi received many questions about what was the empire’s command to ask the people? How to get people fast? answer you guys, the empire does not ask the empire to ask people is actually a shortcut HC to ask people in the main house instead of having to click to ask people.

You can also watch Meaning the numbers in the empire. This is an important factor to help you and your teammates understand each other better during the competition. Typing numbers will also make you spend less time typing letters so you can focus on playing the game better.

If you use Windows 7 or later, when playing the Empire game for the first time, you usually have to Full screen gaming on the computer, then you can play Empire on win 7 and win 8 full screen
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