Commands commonly used when using Skype

Commands commonly used when using Skype

In previous versions, Skype provided a lot of smart commands, making it easier to manage groups. Taimienphi will synthesize Skype commands in the new version or use in the following article.

Commands commonly used when using Skype

1. Common commands when using Skype

Skype is chat software Powerful connection, allowing you to create a stable group chat by message or video call up to dozens of people. The power of this software is confirmed, but in a large group of members, the management is difficult. Understanding this, in older versions, Skype Provide some help commands Administrators Manage group chat more effectively and quickly.

However, in the new version, some commands were no longer active. This makes it difficult for many users. In the content of this article, will share to you the commands you often use when using the new version of Skype.

The common use when using skype

2. Summary of common commands when using Skype

In older versions of Skype, when you typed / help into a message window with any of the individuals or groups, Skype also displayed a list of commands for your reference. But in Skype version 8.xx, the / help command is no longer working. If you want to know about the chat commands that work on Skype, you can refer to the list below.

/ add [Tên tài khoản Skype]: Add one or more people outside to the chat group. Note, when you want to add more names you need a space between each account name.

For example: / add Taimienphi

/ add Taimienphi01 Taimienphi02

/ me [Nội dung chat]: Your name will display the same chat content as a notification type of Skype;

For example: / me Hello

common uses when using skype 2

/ golive: Make group calls immediately

/ showmembers: Show the list of members inside the chat group

Common uses when using Skype 3

/ setrole [Tên Skype] [AdminorUser[AdminhayUser]: Set the role of someone in the group as Member good Administration;

For example: / setrole Taimienphi Admin

/ kick [Tên tài khoản Skype]: Remove any member from the chat group;

For example: / kick Taimienphi

/ leave: Exit a conversation immediately;

Most old commands are no longer available on the new version of Skype. Above are the basic commands in group chat that you can apply immediately. Besides the common shares and common commands when using Skype, you can learn many other useful Skype tips and tricks at
In use Common commands when using Skype If you have any difficulties, please comment right below this article to Taimienphi support offline. Good luck!


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