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Common English sentence patterns when entering hotels


In the previous articles, readers have read along with to learn common English questions when traveling, in the following article we will learn more about English sentences when visiting the common hotel. Please.

But quickly speak English when entering the hotel

Common English sentence patterns when entering hotels

What is more embarrassing when traveling abroad but we do not know English, do not know how to ask, how to book a hotel? So in this article will introduce you to the English sentence patterns when entering hotels common.

But quickly speak English when entering the hotel

English communication for tourists, hotel staff

1. Common English sentences for hotel staff

– Good morning / afternoon – Good morning / afternoon.
– Welcome to … hotel! – Welcome to the hotel ….
– May I help you? / Can I help you? – May I help you?
– Do you have a reservation? – Have you booked a room before?
– Would you like me to reserve a room for you? – Do you want to make a reservation?
– How long do you intend to stay? – How long are you going to stay here?
– How long will you be staying for? – How long do you want to stay?
– What kind of / sort of room would you like? – What kind of room do you like?
– Do you have any preference? – Do you have any special requirements?
– What name is it, please? – Please give your name.
– Could I see your passport? – Please present your passport.
– Could you please fill in this registration form? – Can you please fill out this registration form?
– How many nights? – How many nights did you book?
– Do you want a single room or a double room? – Want a single or double room?
– Do you want breakfast? – Would you like to have breakfast?
– Let me repeat your reservation? – Let me repeat your reservation request.
– All our rooms are fully occupied? – All rooms are fully booked.
– Here’s your room key – Here’s your room key.
– Your room number is 301 – Your room is 301.
– Your room’s on the … floor: Your room is on the floor ….
– Would you like a wake-up call? – Do you want us to call the morning alarm?
– Breakfast’s from 6am till 9am – Breakfast is served from 6am to 9am.
– Lunch’s served between 10am and 1pm – Lunch is served from 10am to 1pm.
– Dinner’s served between 6pm and 9.30pm – Dinner is served between 6pm and 9:30 pm.
– Would you like any help? – Do you need help with luggage transfer?
– Enjoy your stay: Have fun!
– Sorry, We don’t have any rooms available – Sorry, we have no room.
– We’ll hold your rooms for you until 10 p.m – We hold the room for you until 10pm.
– How will you be paying? – How do you want to pay?

2. Sample common English sentences for guests booking

– I’ve got a reservation: I have already booked the room.
– My booking was for a twin room / double room: I have booked 2 single beds / double beds.
– Does your hotel have an available room? – Please ask, does the hotel have a room?
– I’d like to make a reservation – I want to make a reservation.
– I need room for tonight / tomorrow … – I need a room tonight / tomorrow ….
– What’s the room rate? – How much is the room?
– What’s the price per night? – How much is the room for 1 night?
– Does the price included breakfast? – Does the room rate include breakfast?
– Have you got anything cheaper / bigger / quieter …? – Does the hotel have any cheaper / more expensive / quieter rooms …?
– I want a quite room / a ventilated room: I want a quiet room / 1 ventilated room.
– Is the room well equipped? – Is the room fully furnished?
– My room number’s 205 – My room is 205
– Where do we have breakfast? – Where do we have breakfast?
– Where’s the restaurant? – Where is the restaurant?
– Could you please call me a taxi? – Can you help me with a taxi?
– What time do I need to check out? – What time do I have to check out?
– Would it be possible to have a late check-out? – Can I check out late?
– I’d like to check out, please – I want to check out.
The article above has just introduced you the English sentence patterns when entering common hotels. Also readers can refer to some articles already on to learn more about the samples English sentences ask directions when traveling foreign offline.



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