Common English sentences when traveling by plane

Common English sentences when traveling by plane

Looking ahead, you have a business trip, travel abroad? At this time, you need to refer to the common English sentence patterns when traveling and using in real airport situations. The active preparation will make your trip a lot better and more convenient.

English communication sentences at the airport include basic sentences at the check-in counter, through security gates and communicating with flight attendants. Let’s take a look, refer to these common sentence patterns to confidently communicate with flight attendants, airport staff, .., when necessary.

English sentence patterns when flying

Table of Contents:

1. A common English sentence pattern in the waiting room.

2. Sample common English sentences on planes.

3. Basic English vocabulary common when traveling.

Common English sentences when traveling by plane

1. Sample sentences of English communication at the airport lounge

Refer to the following flight questionnaire samples to easily talk to the flight attendant and get detailed information about your flight.

– What airline am I flying? – Which airline will I take the flight with?

– What’s the flight number? – What is the flight number?

– Which gate do we need? – Which gate do we need?

– The flight’s been delayed – The flight has been delayed.

– The flight’s was canceled – The flight has been canceled.

– Could I see your passport and boarding card, please? – Please give me your passport and boarding pass.

– Where is the restroom? – Where’s the toilet

– How much does the magazine cost? – How much is the magazine?

In addition, to quickly checkin at the airport check-in counter, you should refer to the samples English sentences when checking in at the airport here.

But quickly learn English when you fly

Basic English sentences for airport communication, waiting room locations

2. English communication sentence patterns at the airport: Customs gate

After checking in at the airport, the appearance of luggage, passport, boarding pass to pass the airport security gate is a job that makes many people feel stressed. This is where you need to present the documents needed to explain why you came to a country and tell the border police about your intentions. The following common English sentences for communication at the airport will help you easily go through this door:

– I have a connecting flight – I transit

– I am traveling for leisure: I am traveling for entertainment

– I am traveling for work: I go on a business trip

– I will be here for ___ days: I will be here for _ days

– I am visiting family: I visit my family

– I am staying at _____: I am staying at

3. Sample sentences of English communication on the plane

After you have completed the checkin procedure, through the security door and are on the plane, next, you need to refer to the English sentence samples when traveling below to get the best flight.

– What’s your seat number? – What is your seat number?

– Could you please put that in the overhead locker? – Please put that bag on the chest of drawers above your head.

– Please pay attention to this short safety demonstration – Please pay close attention to the short demonstration of aircraft safety.

– Please turn off all mobile phones and electronic devices – Please turn off mobile phones and other electronic devices.

– Please fasten your seat belt – Please buckle up here safely.

– How long does the flight take? – How long does the flight take?

– Would you like any food or refreshments? – Do you want to eat main food or snacks?

– May I have something to eat / drink? – Can I have something to eat / drink?

– I’d like to drink Coke with no ice – I want to use cola without added ice.

– We’ll be landing in about fifteen minutes – We are about to land in about 15 minutes.

– Please fasten your seatbelt and return your seat to the upright position – Please buckle up and adjust your seat in an upright position.

– Please stay in your seat until the aircraft has come to a complete standstill and the Fasten Seatbelt sign has been switched off- Please remain seated until the aircraft is completely stopped and the seatbelt signal is off.

– The local time is … – The current local time is ….

But quickly learn English when you fly

Basic English phrases for communication on board

4. Basic English vocabulary common when traveling

– Short stay: Fast parking.

– Long stay: Long car park.

– Arrivals: Arrival area.

– Departures: Departure area, waiting room.

– International check-in: International check-in counter.

– Toilets: Toilets.

– Information: Information desk.

– Ticket offices: Ticket offices.

– Restaurant: Restaurant.

– Gates 1-32: Gate 1-32.

– Transfers: Transit.

– Baggage reclaim: Baggage claim.

– Passport control: Check passport.

Above has just introduced you the English sentence patterns when communicating on a plane. Hopefully the article above has provided you with basic sentence samples and English vocabulary so you can be more confident when traveling and also help your flight be smooth and more convenient.
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