Common errors encountered when Live Stream using OBS software, configured to use OBS

Common errors encountered when Live Stream using OBS software, configured to use OBS

One of the indispensable familiar Live Stream software of gamers as well as Streamer is OBS Studio, this software is integrated audio mixing tool, video source filter, image creation, … and especially compatible with multiple operating systems, but not so that when some set or use OBS will not occur errors, so when OBS Studio errors, how to fix? Please follow the article below of offline

1. Failed to install due to lack of C ++
2. Unable to install due to a lack of DirectX
3. Error of black screen when Live Stream

First, before installing and using it, you need to check that your computer meets the following network and hardware configurations:

Network speed: Network speed affects lag – lag and directly affects quality when broadcast live. Go to a web speed test site, for example, to check the internet speed to find out what your network speed is, then compare it to Network speed refer below to know what resolution I should Live Stream with, it will ensure no lag.

Upload 500-550 kbps: Stream 360p – bitrate 300 kbps
Upload 600-700 kbps: Stream 360p – bitrate 500kbps
Upload 750-900 kbps: Stream 480p – bitrate 700 kbps
Upload 1mbps +: Stream 720p – bitrate 900kbps +

Hardware configuration: OBS does not require too much hardware. However, it only works on Windows 7 and above operating systems, so if your computer is running Windows XP, you need to upgrade to Windows 7 to be able to use the software.
Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux

Common errors when installing and using OBS

1. Failed to install due to lack of C ++

During the installation process many users encounter the message of missing C ++ software, to fix this error you just need to download and install Visual C ++ here: Download Visual C ++

After downloading Visual C ++, double-click the downloaded .exe file, select I agree … at the window that appears, then click Install

Next, just click Next until the message on successful installation appears.

This is one of the simple errors that you often encounter due to the lack of Visual C ++, you just need to do the simple steps as above to be able to order OBS immediately.

2. Unable to install due to a lack of DirectX

Like the Visual C ++ missing error, if your computer does not have DirectX installed, it will not install OBS.
You can download it DirectX
Or during the OBS installation process, the software will notify the computer that is missing DirectX and ask if you want to download this add-on. Click Yes to download and install DirectX automatically.

After the plug-in has been downloaded, select I accept … then click Next in the next steps to complete the installation.

loi obs when live stream directly on facebook

The message window of the installation is complete, click Finish to finish.

fix the obsession of the next video

DriectX is a multimedia task processor, especially games and video programs, so when recording live video, this is also one of the important default applications for computers. If your computer is not installed or maybe because you removed it, just reinstall it and we can use and install OBS Studio.

3. Error of black screen when Live Stream

Black screen error when Live Stream is phenomenon when you make live stream, the screen is black, nothing to display. To overcome this phenomenon, do the following:
Step 1: Right-click the OBS application icon off the screen, and select Properties

loi obs when live stream

Step 2: Select Open File Location

loi obs when tream

Step 3: In the OBS installation directory, navigate to the obs32.exe file and right-click, and select Properties

loi obs

Step 4: At the Properties window, select Compatibility, tick Run this program … then click Windows 7, press OK, got it to complete

loi obs

So with just a few simple steps, you can fix the common errors when installing or using OBS. After fixing one of the above errors, you can completely stream live video on Facebook using OBS software. In addition to OBS, there are many other software to support live video streaming such as XSplit …, ways Play live video on facebook with XSplit Taimienphi was also sent to readers in the previous tips article.

OBS is a familiar Live Stream software, used by many gamers as well as idols on TalkTV (formerly ccTalk). The way to install and setup OBS is also very simple, but many people still encounter errors when installing or Live Stream when downloading OBS. would like to summarize some common errors, how to fix and configure requirements to be able to use OBS smoothly.

If OBS and XSplit are both software that support video recording and streaming to Facebook are highly appreciated, but many gamers just want to choose their own software to reward frequent use, the comparison OBS and XSplit will help you with the most accurate answer, the content of the comparison of OBS and XSplit will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these two software correctly.
Currently, there are many live stream videos that require sharing to a group or group on Facebook, so how do the Facebook livestream shares go into groups?


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