Compare AMD and Intel chips, which one to choose?

Compare AMD and Intel chips, which one to choose?

Both Intel and AMD are today’s leading chipmakers. In the following article, will compare AMD and Intel chips so that you have an overview of these chips.

The competition between AMD and Intel Always the subject, the big debate has lasted decades and seems to have no end. Most likely this competition could last for another 10 years, even more because the computer market requires fast processors.

If you’re wondering whether to choose AMD or Intel chips, which one is better? Readers continue to refer to the article Compare AMD and Intel chips, choose which of’s to find the answer.

1. Compare AMD and Intel chips, which one to choose?

Both AMD and Intel are making chips based on the x86 architecture, which is why all Windows 10 applications tend to work the same regardless of the brand’s system. .

If you’re wondering whether AMD created x86 chips mainly due to a technology exchange agreement with Intel in the past. At the time, AMD was only a second supplier to Intel, but things changed in 1991 when the company decided to create a separate chip based on the x86 platform and compete directly with its former partner.

AMD’s Am386 microprocessor is a clone of the Intel 80386. However, this processor has not made a big deal for AMD on the market.

Refer to the content below to learn, compare and evaluate AMD and Intel chips.


When buying a new processor, the first thing you need to consider is performance. However, it depends on whether you use your computer for work or play games, render videos, etc.

Suppose if you want to cater for gaming and you have enough budget to pay, in this case you can buy a processor and dedicated GPU. Some Intel-based processors come with discrete graphics, but are not powerful enough for gaming.

While AMD has released the Ryzen 5 2400G with Vega 11 GPU, it can achieve similar performance with discrete GPUs like Radeon RX 550 laptop version or GeForce GT 1030.

For gamers, users with a “tight” budget may consider investing in AMD chips, rather than using Intel chips.

For those who can afford to get the most out of the performance experience, consider Intel products. AMD, however, provides users with a better multi-threaded performance experience due to more cores and more threads.

If you compare Intel Core i9 and AMD Threadripper, the leading chip of Intel and AMD, it is clear that these two chips have the same performance, but Intel has the advantage of raw performance.

CPU overclocking

If you’re concerned about the best overclocking performance for a computer processor, Intel chips are the best choice for you.

With sophisticated hyper-threading and turbo-boost technology, we can trust that Intel chips can do everything well. Of course AMD is not inferior, especially to Ryzen, but at this time Intel is still dominant.

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2. AMD and Intel graphics cards, which one is better?

AMD offers a number of specialized graphics cards on the market, but Intel does not. There have been rumors about Intel’s acquisition of NVIDIA in recent years, but this information has just stopped at rumors. Intel is currently planning to launch its own dedicated card line, but isn’t sure when the company will launch these products.

According to Intel, it plans to launch a dedicated card market by 2020. There are currently no sources to indicate which Intel’s dedicated graphics card is based on the process and whether it will be available. get the same performance performance as AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

However, we can be sure of one thing: Intel will have to sell these dedicated GPUs at a cheaper price than its competitors if it wants to attract users and gamers.

Which game is better?

If you’re wondering whether AMD or Intel processors play better games. Objectively speaking, both support good gaming, but Intel processors are designed for gaming purposes so overall performance is better.

On the other hand, AMD processors are also designed, improving better performance, especially Ryze. However, many games on the market are optimized to make the most of Intel CPUs, which is why Intel has an advantage over AMD.


Intel was originally known for producing high-end processors. For a long time, Intel has been at the forefront of providing the best processors to support work and gaming, far ahead of AMD.

So it’s no wonder that AMD prices are always lower than Intel’s. However, things have changed dramatically since AMD launched the Bulldozer CPU series, then in 2017, AMD released Ryzen.

These CPUs not only achieve strong performance but also “fit” price, much cheaper than Intel CPUs.

3. AMD and Intel chips, which one to choose?

If you only use a computer for simple tasks, AMD and Intel chips don’t make much difference in terms of performance. But if you’re playing games or rending videos, you should consider which processor to choose.

To play games with dedicated graphics cards, recommends choosing Intel chips, if editing heavy videos and using applications that require multithreading, AMD chips may be the best choice for you because this chip has more cores.

In addition, AMD chips tend to provide better performance at the mid- and low-end segments in the market. If the budget is tight, you can think of AMD chips.

Refer operating temperature level of some Intel and AMD CPUs here.

Hopefully after the article Compare AMD and Intel chips, choose which of, readers will have a better overview of these chips and make the final wise decision. To check which chip your computer is using, readers can download the software CPU Z here.
If you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comments section below.


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