Compare between Ant Download Manager and Internet Download Manager

Compare between Ant Download Manager and Internet Download Manager

Let’s compare Ant Download Manager with IDM (Internet Download Manager) to see which software dominates in downloading files quickly from the internet to your computer. Ant Download Manager is a new software but it is also rated as good with many useful features.

For many people, Ant Download Manager may be a relatively new but new name to IDM but does not mean that this software is not good enough to support users in downloading content from the internet like IDM did.

To be able to use the Ant Donwload Manager software, you can refer to the article install Ant Donwload Manager has been introduced to in the previous article. In fact, installing Ant Download Manager as well as many other software to download support is not difficult. Important, you need to follow the instructions provided in the article above.

In today’s article, we will go into more deeply explore the power of the two software, and see who holds the greatest advantage.

Compare ant download manager and IDM (Internet Download Manager) software

Download Ant Download Manager here. Download Ant Download Manager


– IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Currently, it is not difficult to see Internet Download Manager (IDM) software on Google search page after typing the keyword “software to support download”.

So ant ant download manager and idm

This shows that the popularity of IDM software developed by Tonec Inc since 1998 is hard to argue. The rapid development of Internet content is also a driving force for the development of IDM. Currently the software has more than 10 million users worldwide.

– Ant Download Manager

It’s hard to identify a fledgling download support software like Ant Download Manager.

so between ant download manager and idm

Launched with the first version of the 0.0.1 beta on August 13, 2015, Ant Download Manager has undergone a lot of important updates to add features and interface innovations. To date, this software has been updated to the latest version 0.3.6.

For many people, the popularity of Ant Download Manager is probably partly influenced by the interface on the Download section of the software that is still in development. This software is currently linking to the download link of CNET’s Download site.


Internet Download Manager

IDM’s interface follows a style that has been shaped right from the first versions. Above the toolbars include Task (command processing), File (perform tasks related to downloading), Download (sorting the download list and download speed), View (tweaking the language and bars tools), Help (Help) and Registration (software use registration).

compared between the two versions, the download manager and the Internet download manager

Just below the toolbar are other optional items designed with easily recognizable icons and text symbols. IDM also divides the list of downloaded items in Categories. Here, you can easily filter and find downloaded content. Overall IDM interface is quite friendly and easy to use even for new users.

Ant Download Manager

As a relatively young software, it means that Ant Download Manager has not really improved the user interface.

Others know between ant download manager and internet download manager

In the main interface, the user will have only one toolbar with many custom sets. Unfortunately, this toolbar only displays custom-related icons but there is no text indication below. This is somewhat inconvenient for new users, even those who have used it a lot.

The plus symbol (+) is the function to enter the download link, the video icon is used to enter the download video link. From left to right, there are icons corresponding to functions such as Play, Pause, Stop download, Delete, Select download speed, Customize, Error message and Turn off the software.

between ant download manager and internet download manager

In addition, the software also has entries Categories classified as IDM.

Overall, Ant Download Manager is quite suitable for those who like to explore and explore the software. However, it will not suit new users and requires a truly clear interface.

Strength overview

Internet Download Manager

To date, Tonec has released the latest version of IDM 6.25. This version has compatibility support with Windows 10, adding a download bar for webgame players. This feature is especially useful if players want to download flash videos. You can find out more install IDM to use the software on a computer. With the remaining versions of the operating system such as Windows 7 or 8 and 8.1, after installing IDM, you will receive quite a full range of software features including downloading links, scheduling downloads, integrating extensions into the browser. , and improve toolbar interface.

Ant download manager and internet download manager

Other features of the software include support for up to 33 languages, but unfortunately not Vietnamese. In addition, users can preview compressed files, download categories, and download scans for antivirus protection.

IDM supports increase download speed up to 5 times. Even IDM can recover downloaded file errors, restart downloaded files or get interrupted easily. The power of IDM is mainly due to the function of load sharing, reasonable bandwidth control. In particular, IDM also supports many protocols and file download formats such as HTTPS, FTP, MMS or MP3, MP4, FLV, …

The power of this software has not stopped there, you absolutely can accelerate IDM To download, download images, files or documents faster. However, the problem lies there, accelerating IDM will force the software to consume more bandwidth in the Internet, thus leading to network lag and affect people around. To solve this situation, we need to know download limit IDM In order not to affect the network connection, the specific instructions to solve the problem above, you can refer to the article limiting download speed of IDM.

Ant Download Manager

In many ways, Ant Download Manager is hard to match with IDM but the software is particularly superior to IDM in the free (free download).

compared between the software version download manager and internet download manager

The software is integrated right into the browser right after installation

Through each improvement, the developer has constantly added many new features to the software, especially the addition of the Delete All option that allows to delete the entire list of downloaded files. Or from version 0.3.5 onwards, Ant Donwload Manager supports downloading Mp3 files separately for all videos.

compared between ant download manager and internet download manager

Ant Download Manager is a bit inferior to IDM in terms of the number of browsers supported.

One of the most special features that you will rarely see on many other software is the ability to split files into multiple formats. It can be a video file with or without audio, or you can download the audio file separately for each video.

Experience downloading with YouTube and large files

The following will be a download test and comparison between Ant Download Manager and Internet Download Manager when conducting a test to download YouTube videos and with large files.

Both software catch YouTube links pretty well.

compared between the two versions of the download wizard, ant download manager and internet download manager

Meanwhile for large files. Ant Download Manager again proved weaker than IDM, to overcome this situation, readers can speed up Ant Download Manager to improve the download speed of Ant Download Manager

compared between the two versions of the download wizard, ant download manager and internet download manager

IDM download speed proved to be superior to Ant Download Manager due to the higher number of download streams.

There is an inconvenience you will notice when you want to download the audio format of the video on Ant Download Manager, which is the software to download the video first and then continue to convert to the audio format.

So do the two components download download ant download manager and internet download manager

According to the user experience, Ant Download Manager can display the link bar right above the video. If the user copies the link and inserts additional video on the software, the software will automatically get the link even if the user has not pasted it into the software. However, this link catcher is still not really impressive and attractive.

so many software version download ant download manager and internet download manager

Compare the two versions of ant ant download manager and internet download manager

Ant Download Manager will ask if you want to download additional audio files for videos without sound. Click Yes to have the software automatically merge the accompanying audio file or click No to reverse.

In particular, through testing downloading a video with sound and no sound, the writer found, Ant Download Manager did not seem to really do well with the link download bar, when the video files have icons without sound When downloading still contains accompanying sound. Only when the user selects a video download feature that is pre-set in the software, can you download a video that can split the entire audio.

so many software version download ant download manager and internet download manager

The audio options appear for you to download with the video if you press Yes.

Below is a summary of some differences between Internet Download Manager and Ant Download Manager: AAAA

The difference between



Internet Download Manager

Ant Download Manager

Manage download history

Not available


Number of streams downloaded

32 streams

16 streams

Check for viruses


Is not

Options to refine icons, languages


Is not

Download timer


Is not

Search bar download file

Is not


Other function:

– Support downloading separate titles for videos

– Prevent hibernation (Hibernation) while downloading files.

– Drag and drop to download

– I have not

– I have not

– I have not

– I have not

– Yes

– Yes

– Yes

– Yes


So basically, we have gone through the differences as well as the processing power of two software that supports Ant Download Manager and Internet Download Manager. Both IDM and Ant Download Manager in addition to supporting downloading YouTube videos, also help users download Facebook videos quite effectively, with Ant Download Manager, you have one more way to download Facebook videos to your computer already.

Internet Download Manager is still superior to the download support. Meanwhile, Ant Download Manager is just a newly developed software but has incredible processing power, especially the advantage of this software is also free.
Hopefully the article will give you the best choice with these two impressive download software.


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