Compare DDRam 1, DDRam 2, DDRam 3, distinguish DDR I, DDR II, DDR III

Today’s users don’t know the difference between DDR I, DDR II, and DDR III, so most are concerned about upgrading their RAM for fear of buying the wrong device.

RAM is actually a computer memory, but it is random access memory. This means that when the computer is turned off or restarted, this memory will discharge information instead of saving it as a hard drive. We have experienced many generations of RAM up to now, but mostly for the past 15 years DDR I, DDR II, and DDR III. So how to distinguish Differences between DDRam 1, DDRam 2, and DDRam 3?

Differences between DDRam 1, DDRam 2, DDRam 3

Put simply, DDRam 1 (DDR I) DDRam 2 (DDR II) and DDram 3 (DDR III) are 3 consecutive Ram generations. DDRam 1 is the oldest RAM type while DDRam 3 is the latest RAM type. Of course, the newer RAM life, the higher the access speed.

Memory storage: DDR I has quite modest memory. If you hold a RAM of 32 MB, or 64 MB, that is exactly RAM I (or DDR I, DDRam 1). DDR II has better capacity, averaging from 256 MB to 2GB. And DDR III is much higher and more diverse, maybe 2GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, etc.

Transmission speed: Besides memory capacity, another important point to mention is the transfer speed. Currently a DDR I Bus 1600 can transmit 12, 8 MB / s while the maximum transfer speed of DDR I Bus 400 (maximum) is only 3.2 MB / s. The gap here is a huge difference.

The differences between these 3 generations of RAM are many, such as clock speed, time delay, voltage, prefetch, etc. However, this knowledge is only for professionals, so you do not need to care much. do nothing.

Distinguish DDR I, DDR II, DDR III

There is a simple and effective rule to distinguish DDR I, DDR II, and DDR III, which is to observe the number of pins for each type of RAM. DDR I has a pin count of 184, while DDR II and DDR III are 240.

Know ddr 1, ddr 2, ddr 3

Refer to the figure below for more reference between RAM 2 and RAM 3. The concave head DDR II will skew to the right while DDR III will go to the left. In addition, the RAM body also records the RAM life so you can easily distinguish.

different ram 1 ram 2 ram 3

So introduced you to the basic differences between DDRam 1, DDRam 1, and DDRam 3. Besides, we also help you distinguish DDR I, DDR II, DDR III in case you want. Upgrade computer resources. Refer to the article tips to upgrade computer RAM effectively to improve your computer knowledge.

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