Compare Illustrator and CorelDraw

Compare Illustrator and CorelDraw

Illustrator and CorelDRAW are the two most popular vector graphics software of Adobe and Corel respectively, to find out what Illustrator and CorelDRAW have in common and different, please read the comparison of Illustrator and CorelDRAW below.

Refer to the article Compare Illustrator and CorelDraw Below of to find out the advantages and disadvantages of Illustrator and CorelDraw.

1. Compare Illustrator and CorelDraw

1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of Illustrator

Illustrator software is used as vector graphic editing tool of Adobe. The software was originally developed specifically for Apple’s Mac OS platform in 1986, providing the main functions of Typeset and logo design, and based on vector graphic techniques, i.e., images drawn on computer. So people can easily make changes without sacrificing image quality.

compare illustrator and coreldraw

The advantage of Illustrator is beautiful colors, sharp lines to every detail no matter what size, allowing printing at any resolution and small file size.

However, the drawback of Illustrator is that the drawings tend to “flatten” more. It is very difficult to create realistic drawings if you use Illustrator.

Download Illustrator Download and install here.

1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of CorelDraw

CorelDraw was introduced in 1989, and is also a vector graphic editing software. However, the software features are only suitable for desktop computers.

Unlike Illustrator, CorelDraw provides the means to create multiple pages in a single file. In addition, the software also adds a barcode creation plugin and a variety of editing tools to adjust contrast, color balance or change the RGB format to CMYK. Users can also open Adobe PDF files using Corel Draw.

To use Corel software more effectively, you should learn the Corel shortcuts corresponding to different functions when you design graphics, edit graphics … Corel shortcuts include many single and nest keys key combination.

compare illustrator and coreldraw 2

Basically, the software creates two types of objects: open and closed. Lines and curves are open objects, while circles, rectangles, etc. are of closed type.

The advantage of Corel Draw is that it supports fast workflow, and is considered a complete graphic editor, instead of just a vector graphics program like Illustrator.

Download CorelDraw Download and install here.

1.3 Comparison of Illustrator and CorelDraw

compare illustrator and coreldraw 3

Criteria Illustrator Corel Draw

Definition Illustrator software is used as a vector graphic editor. Software is mainly used to draw different types of shapes. CorelDraw is a Corel drawing program introduced in 1989. Like Illustrator, CorelDraw is also a software based on vector graphic design.

Parent company Adobe Systems Corel Corporation

Software type Vector graphics editing software. Software for editing vector graphics.

Use Logo design, map drawing, package design, … Used to create different types of documents, from sightseeing tickets to large banners.

Pages in a file One can create many different pages.

Year of release 1986 1989

Function – Resize image vector without affecting image quality. – Suitable for logo design. – No support for pixels. – Used to create and print industry standard graphics. – Used to print high quality images. – Support different measurement units and sizes.

The above article has just introduced to you the advantages and disadvantages of Illustrator and CorelDraw, as well as comparing Illustrator and CorelDraw. Hopefully the above article has provided you with useful information about the most popular vector graphic software today.
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