Compare ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam

Compare ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam

ManyCam and CyberLink YouCam are also two software to help you share webcam, video chat or send photos to friends simply and effectively. However, not everyone knows the strengths and weaknesses of these two software. Therefore, in this article, let’s learn and compare ManyCam and CyberLink YouCam with

In this article we will Compare ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam to better understand whether you should install Cyberlink YouCam or ManyCam to use. Perhaps before that, most people used and installed Cyberlink YouCam rather than ManyCam but not for that reason ManyCam was inferior.

There are many features in ManyCam that you do not know as well as changes coming from both software. See the post later Compare ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam Our below to understand more about these 2 software offline.

Compare ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam

1. Configure ManyCam and install Cyberlink YouCam

Installation configuration is what wants to mention first, in terms of configuration, it probably doesn’t make much difference because most software for webcam use is not high and suitable for all types. However Cyberlink YouCam has an uploader nearly 400 MB in Latest version and ManyCam only on about 80 MB never mind.

This difference is quite large when only 80 MB you can use ManyCam already, and Cyberlink YouCam is up to 400 MB. However, to compare ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam more specifically, we need to go into more detail about the new feature to know whether capacity determines the quality of webcam software or not.

2. Main features in ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam

– First, we will consider the advantages and feelings when using ManyCam. The first time you open up the interface, you will be surprised with the facial recognition system and the masks on each topic are made quite carefully. The identification system is well done and fast recognition so even if you have a fast operation the system will still be timely to cover your face.

Socam manycam and cyberlink youcam 2

Another advantage is that in video mode or even livestream, ManyCam still proved superior when supporting webcam. 2K resolution and frame rate reaches 60 FPS. Not only that, you can insert games, videos, youtube links directly or the desktop on a small frame while you are webcam with your friends. This is the strength that very few computer webcam software can do.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 3

Another advantage of when we compare ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam is ManyCam’s Settings system is very detailed, there are a lot of features set up in this and it will take you a while to get used to them. However, this is also a point unless not supporting Vietnamese will cause some difficulties for users.

socam manycam and cyberlink youcam 4

If you look through it easily you can see that the video section of ManyCam supports extremely high resolution, many modes but also supports up to 60 FPS as long as your device meets that.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 5

A great feature that few people know about ManyCam is Support IP camera Settings, allows live camera view right at ManyCam.

socam manycam and cyberlink youcam 6

Another strong point of ManyCam is that the shortcuts can be automatically adjusted, but not all features can use keyboard shortcuts, but only the main items.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 7

– Now let’s compare Cyberlink YouCam, when opening this software, you can easily see that the interface of Cyberlink YouCam is minimal to human. Easy to use can use OK. There are many simple effects that can be used immediately without downloading like ManyCam, but you can also download more from the Cyberlink YouCam application store.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 8

Some Unique and interesting effects and there are a few images you will realize are very common but still unique on your webcam.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 9

However, the face recognition system of Cyberlink YouCam is not smooth, the faces are quite stiff and the gestures are not as smooth as ManyCam.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 10

Moreover, the setup of Cyberlink YouCam is quite simple, No more customizations as well as low resolution support. But for those who only care about webcam usage, the above settings are completely satisfying.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 11

The system of taking pictures and exporting files supports quite a few types, but maybe the intention of Cyberlink YouCam is to support users and anyone can use Cyberlink YouCam.

so many andcam cyberlink youcam 12

Above is a comparison of ManyCam and Cyberlink YouCam, which introduces the outstanding features of both software. Hope readers will choose for themselves the right software to use the webcam on your computer.
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