Compare Pokémon Unite vs League of Wild Rift, Which Game Should I Play?

Pokémon Unite and Wild Rift Alliance are two of the hottest MOBA games right now. So what do they have in common? Together we will compare Pokémon Unite vs Wild Rift League to find the answer.

Wild Rift Alliance officially released in October 2020 and from then on has always been one of the best MOBA games on the mobile platform. Born after giving birth more than 1 year later, Pokemon Unite has just launched gamers recently but has quickly received a very high rating from players. In the same MOBA genre with dramatic 5v5 battles and hot games, it is inevitable that Pokémon Unite and League of Legends Wild Rift are compared. Soon, and you will together find out the similarities and differences in the gameplay and the cast of characters between the two. Pokémon Unite vs Wild Rift Alliance.

Compare Pokemon Unite and Wild Rift League games

Compare Pokémon Unite vs Wild Rift Alliance

1. Gameplay

Both Pokémon Unite vs League of Wild Rift bring players to 5v5 battles but there are big differences in gameplay. First, Wild Rift’s goal is to destroy the Nexus and win the battle, while in Pokémon Unite, each team’s goal is to score as many points as possible in hopes of overtaking the opposing team before the match ends. end.

Second, both games feature casts of characters with active and passive skills, but Wild Rift has more than one skill to use. The main difference is that the battle in Pokemon Unite lasts only 10 minutes and the Wild Rift battle has an open ending.

The next difference between Pokémon Unite and League of Wild Rift is that you cannot buy any items in Pokemon and winning or losing is completely dependent on level and skill.

pokemon unite vs alliance alliance

Similar to Wild Rift, Pokemon Unite also features separate legendary monsters that two teams can compete to destroy. In the top lane there is a Rift Herald-like monster called Rotom. At the bottom of the map, there is a monster called Dreadnaw just like Drake in Wild Rift.

When it comes to the last 2 minutes of the game in Pokemon Unite, Zapdos appears in the middle of the map similar to Baron Nashor, with a big difference in what it has to offer. If successfully defeating Zapdos, the last player will receive 30 Aeos Energy and the rest of the team will receive 20 Aeos Energy. Besides, all enemy targets will be defenseless. You can take this opportunity to turn the game around, even with a lower score, your team still has a chance to win.

pokemon unite vs union alliance which game is better

Another difference is that Pokemon Unite only has 2 lanes and 1 jungle, while Wild Rift has 3 lanes and 1 jungle. This makes the gameplay of Wild Rift League more complicated and makes it harder for new players to join and catch up. Like in Wild Rift, your team will need Pokemon with different roles such as tank, support and gladiator to join forces to fight.

2. Characters

The League of Legends universe has more than 150 champions but not all are present in Wild Rift at the moment and Riot Games often adds more champions through events. In the Pokemon universe, there are more than 900 Pokemon without any evolution in them. While Pokemon Unite has more characters than Wild Rift, many of them are very similar.

pokemon unite vs alliance

Some characters in Pokemon Unite have the same abilities as some characters in Wild Rift, such as Gengar’s ultimate that is close to Kassadin, Lucario is a warrior and has similar abilities to Vi or Cinderace is also very similar. with Quinn. Pokemon Unite has a more diverse character system, but they will not be as unique as the generals in Wild Rift.
Overall, both titles have their pros and cons, and it’s impossible to say which one is better than the other. Although both are MOBA games, Wild Rift and Pokemon Unite bring their own experiences. So they are all games that are worth a try.

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