Compare Teamviewer 14 and Teamviewer 13

Recently users have experienced the latest TeamViewer 14 2019, this is considered to be the most powerful and best remote control software currently available no matter where you are in the world. together quickly as long as the Internet is available, let compare TeamViewer 14 and TeamViewer 13 to see what the 2 latest versions are so new and attractive.

Teamviewer is a tool to help users control various remote computers quickly in just one click thanks to the extremely intelligent remote control feature. With the latest Teamviewer 14 added a series of new features superior to Teamviewer 13 and especially above the older versions before.

Teamviewer 14 with many new features than Teamviewer 13

In order for you to easily identify new features in Teamviewer 14 compared to the latest version, Teamviewer 13, the following is a summary of the Compare Teamviewer 14 and Teamviewer 13 about the newly updated features for you to easily visualize and capture.

– Download Teamviewer 14 for the computer here.
– Download Teamviewer 13 for the computer here.

Compare Teamviewer 14 and Teamviewer 13

To compare 2 versions of Teamviewer 14 and Teamviewer 13, the following we will review the main features of these 2 versions for you to have an overview and Use TeamViewer the most effective.

Improved features in TeamViewer 13 version

– Remotely control and share multi-platform screens across multiple Windows, MacOS Sierra, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS and Windows Phone 8/10 devices.
– Support for Motorola Devices
– Allow file transfer and file sharing.
– Support remote printing.
– Increase data transfer speed between 2 machines 20 times faster. Hardware acceleration, while also boosting the performance of TeamViewer’s remote control, while reducing the load on your CPU.
– Join meetings and presentations, chat with other people, or group chat, video call
– TeamViewer 13 signs in faster than TeamViewer 12.

compare teamviewer 14 and teamviewer 13 2

Software interface TeamViewer 13

New feature of TeamViewer 14

– TeamViewer 14 for better performance with lower bandwidth.
– Server infrastructure is optimized.
– Improved connection quality.
– Optimized for the best performance in macOS Mojave compared to TeamViewer 13
– TeamViewer 14 solves screen problems with Augmented Reality.
– TeamViewer has a simpler overview interface and quick search of devices, as well as all related information instantly.
– Execute scripts with just one click.
– The accessibility of your customer service is improved better.
– Dark Mode for Windows, Linux and Mac: Increase concentration for users.
– New iOS screen sharing process compared to the previous version.
– There are many management options for more optimal protection.
– Security according to German standards.

compare teamviewer 14 and teamviewer 13 3

The latest TeamViewer 14 interface
As such, TeamViewer 14 is basically the inheritance of the features inherent in TeamViewer 13, but the main highlight is the new features, significant improvements as we have just presented above. Right now you can Install TeamViewer 14 latest to use, or you can also reinstall the TeamViewer 13 version according to the above download link to use first, then perform an upgrade to TeamViewer 14 to experience and make your own evaluation after using 2 this version offline!


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