Compare the differences between DNS and NetBIOS

Compare the differences between DNS and NetBIOS

Since the beginning of the appearance and use of computers, many names have been given to computers. DNS and NetBIOS are two common names for computer names and you may have come across these two groups. So where is DNS and NetBIOS used and how does it compare and distinguish DNS and NetBIOS?

NetBIOS name is one of the names assigned to computers using the network identification system built into the computer being used. The name used in NetBIOS is set on “Network Neighborhood“The main purpose of using neighborhoods is to allow identify specific computers Use network identification system.

DNS name is a specific name assigned to a computer that has all the functions that work on the internet. DNS works closely with online IP addresses to ensure that DNS is retained in special internet services called collectively in the daily language, the DNS server. To learn more about DNS, please refer to the article DND is what we introduced in the previous article.

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In case if a new computer is purchased and the name of that computer is ONE, NetBIOS connecting the computer to the intranet also takes the name assigned to the computer as ONE. However, it is important not to be able to access NetBIOS from the internet with just one name, but from the computer.

Instead, the access to NetBIOS Since the internet is only allowed through the use of IP addresses. In addition, to use a business name instead of an IP address for identification, it is possible to pay a certain amount of money to a company that registers its name on the internet so that the overall results are displayed as .

As stated above, the difference between DNS and NetBIOS The biggest is the availability of DNS when there is an Internet connection and the name is registered in the computer. NetBIOS is available for machines directly connected to it.

When necessary to obtain a DNS name, a request must be sent to the server. The server has an IP recorded in its registry if the computer is connected online.

In case DNS server is not available, you will have to wait time. In case the DNS server is available, a friendly result will be generated on the screen. This result includes the name of the desired destination computer and it also determines whether the machine exists in the database or not.

It is important to understand that a NetBIOS is available after sending a UDP packet to the destination machine. After sending the UDP packet, you must wait for a response. Sending a UDP packet does not guarantee results because there are several factors that can cause a poor response. To get the expected results, UDP packets must always be sent to port 137 of the destination machine.

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Summary of the differences between DNS and NetBIOS

– DNS and NetBIOS allow identifying different computers in different networks.

– DNS is a specific name assigned to a computer that performs all functions on the internet.

– NetBIOS is used to identify computers connected to the network.

– Access NetBIOS available on the internet by IP address or via link.

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