Compare UltraViewer and TeamViewer, pros and cons

UltraViewer and TeamViewer are remote control software used by many people. And when comparing UltraViewer and TeamViewer, you will see that there are many strong points in both these software that users can not distinguish right away.

It is hard to Compare UltraViewer and TeamViewer when these are all good software and use remote control very effectively. But perhaps a more disadvantage for UltraViewer when TeamViewer is the previous software, more Vietnamese people know and use it.

Although UltraViewer is back but does not mean to be outdone, there are many outstanding advantages, specifically in this article will help readers better understand about these 2 remote computer control software . Compare UltraViewer and TeamViewer to give us a more realistic look before deciding to buy the copyright for these software if you really need to control the computer remotely as well as support the manufacturer.

Compare UltraViewer and TeamViewer

1. Connection speed, stability of UltraViewer and TeamViewer

When comparing UltraViewer and TeamViewer, UltraViewer is probably a bit limited compared to its competitor, TeamViewer, according to our experience when using UltraViewer for a while, Timeout still happens right away even under good network conditions. While TeamViewer does a great job, it rarely happens and if so, please review your network connection first.

compare ultraviewer and teamviewer 2

The next issue that when comparing UltraViewer and TeamViewer we easily noticed that the remote control console of UltraViewer is still low, Graphics quality is not optimal as on TeamViewer and hope UltraViewer will overcome this situation to bring a better experience for users.

2. Controlling multiple machines at the same time

Controlling multiple computers at once is a feature that both UltraViewer and TeamViewer own, indeed this feature is very useful for customer care. And as evaluated above, the UltraViewer probably loses a bit of stability compared to controlling a remote computer with TeamViewer only. And the ability to control many machines is probably on par. has not had conditions to try to see the maximum control of how many machines on both software, but stopped at 4 machines and gave quite satisfactory results on both software.

compare ultraviewer and teamviewer 3

However, one outstanding point is the ability to control the above UltraViewer’s interface is optimized more, help managers control more easily with a notification system works better.

3. File sharing

File sharing on both UltraViewer and TeamViewer has a lot of conflicting issues when compared. Specifically UltraViewer Focus on security and so you can only share files through the chat frame only TeamViewer you can Drag and drop freely, even drag and drop the controlling device to your computer. This is a really nice feature, but its security is a lot worse because the operator can take any file from the customer while they are not paying attention.

4. Firewall issue on UltraViewer and TeamViewer

Both UltraViewer and TeamViewer are designed to work behind firewalls, which means that both software are trusted by Windows systems to allow deep intervention, users only need to boot to work. Now, only the present UltraViewer is only available for Windows version Not yet available for Mac and Linux

5. Chat window support

UltraViewer Support a fast chat window is very convenient for customer support, if you use TeamViewer to open a very inconvenient chat window and TeamViewer’s chat window has an inconspicuous font design that requires you to use Skype or even Notepad when chatting with customers, with UltraViewer chat window Professionalized like a miniature chat frame. You can control and turn on the chat window easily by clicking F1 and the chat window pops out ready for you to send a message to the person being controlled.

6. Compare prices UltraViewer and TeamViewer

compare ultraviewer and teamviewer 4

TeamViewer was commercialized very early and the price of TeamViewer was not pleasant either. Some mistakenly think that TeamViewer is completely free but actually only uses times Limit the number of uses and then you will get the situation every 5 minutes TeamViewer will get OUT. As for UltraViewer is still in the stage all free so users can feel secure and experience this software. If you have never used UltraViewer, refer to this Use UltraViewer here

Through the article comparing UltraViewer and TeamViewer on, surely readers have somehow learned the strengths and weaknesses of each software from which to choose for themselves the most appropriate remote control software.
Although TeamViewer is used more in Vietnam, more features such as video recording in TeamViewer, helping the operator to record the manipulation process, the video recording feature in TeamViewer is also highly appreciated from the human side. use. However UltraViewer also has many advantages, especially this is completely free software at the present time.


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