Compare WiFi vs Ethernet vs 4G, Which one to use?

Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G are all concepts related to the Internet and are all ways to help users access the Internet through mobile devices easily. But did you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these Internet connection methods before using? The following article of will help answer many readers about this seemingly tough question.

Wi-Fi network, Ethernet vs 4G are all methods Internet connection popular with many users today, however, each of these methods has many advantages and disadvantages that make not everyone understand the nature and usage in the most optimal way.

In this article, will compare these Wi-Fi, Ethernet and mobile networks, 3G, 4G network standards so that users can better understand the usage of these connection standards.

WiFi vs Ethernet vs 4G: Which should be used?


WIFI is understood as the system accessing the Internet via wireless connection. WI-Fi uses radio waves to communicate between electronic devices and routers, routers or modems with built-in Wi-Fi transmitters to transmit the Internet wirelessly. If you do not know how to distinguish network router equipment, modem, access point or modem router, readers can refer to the article on how to Distinguish Router equipment, Modem, Access Point, Modem Router has been introduced by

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Wi-Fi uses radio waves similar to mobile devices or televisions, radios and is important not to be obstructed by the same connection wire as a traditional wired network.


– High mobility, easy to connect anytime, anywhere if in the coverage of Wi-Fi.

– Increase the usability of mobile devices when wireless networks are not available or to register mobile data plans.

– Internet speed when accessing via Wi-Fi is quite stable and fast. Not to mention, many users can connect to one Wi-Fi system at the same time easily, not limited by the number of ports.

* Defect

– Limited coverage, sometimes may be limited in number of visitors.

– Requirements for Wi-Fi network login password are quite troublesome, especially for those new to Wi-Fi.

– Easily affected by other devices that also emit radio waves such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, … In fact, Wi-Fi networks are also susceptible to the impact of barriers such as distance, obstacles. , network signal is unstable.

* When to use Wi-Fi?

You have a need for fast and stable Internet connection in a certain space and area.

– You do not want to be entangled by any wired connected device when you want to access the network


Ethernet in short, wired networking, or a local area network (LAN) technology, allows computers to receive and send Internet data to each other and other LANs around the globe. There are many different LAN technologies available today, but Ethernet is still the most popular choice when it comes to wired networking.

Which standard should you say

In order for computers and laptops to connect to the Ethernet network, an Ethernet port or devices supporting Ethernet connection are required. The most popular Ethernet standard today has a maximum transfer rate of up to 100 Mbps.


– Maximum data transfer rate from routers, modems, routers, unrestricted and speed compared to Wi-Fi even at long distances. This advantage makes it easy to download files, download software, play games or perform other online activities.

– Less network sharing compared to Wi-Fi if you only use a single connection from the modem, router to your computer via Ethernet port.

* Defect

– Installation cost, Ethernet cable length is quite large and depends on the distance between the modem, the router to the computer, the user’s laptop.

– Easy to be affected by external forces such as cut, underground by human or weather.

* When should Ethernet be used?

– You should only use Ethernet when the access distance between your computer, laptop and router, modem is close to each other. This helps optimize the line better than Wi-Fi.

– You want to play games, download files, documents or use online services, Ethernet is a great choice.

3G, 4G networks – Mobile networks

4G network also known as the 4th generation wireless network technology that allows mobile data transmission in the ideal conditions can reach 1 -1.5Gb / s. The 4G network is currently the standard wireless connection of many mobile devices around the world, users can easily use mobile data anywhere in the world, as long as they have a 4G plan and within Extensive coverage in countries that have implemented 4G.

compare wifi ethernet 4g

Currently in Vietnam has deployed 4G networks across the country, users only need to change 4G SIM cards to networks, then register 4G Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone and activate 4G to use 4G connectivity from providers. Telecommunications, with each device has different 4G activation.


– The most conspicuous advantage of 3G and 4G mobile networks is the wide coverage, flexibility, speed that is constantly being improved over time and especially users will have many ways to use with mobile networks. This includes mobile networks with built-in transponders in mobile devices and devices that support mobile data reception and transmission to other devices, such as 3G USB, 3G mobile transmitters. , 4G.

– There are many mobile data packages suitable for all types of users.

* Defect

– The speed can only be good for data needs on mobile, for higher demands such as downloading or recording high-quality online video is quite expensive and the actual speed is not always stable. and as high as theory.

– The cost to use 3G, 4G mobile networks in the long run is quite expensive and not useful.

* When to use mobile network?

– When you need to move a lot and continuously through many areas without Wi-Fi or Ethernet network available, then the convenience of mobile network will be very significant.

Must know wifi ethernet and portable

– When you want to surf the web, Facebook or watch some simple videos on mobile devices quickly, just open the mobile device and access without having to search for free Wi-Fi access points or ports Ethernet.

So based on the above introduction, we have understood how to use, and the advantages and disadvantages of how each type of network connection works for the daily Internet use of each individual. , enterprise.

Note that, if you switch to the mobile network as the main Internet access, remember to always know what you need to know about 4G, and the 4G mobile network of all carriers in Vietnam to know the package and how to use it will best meet. And reality, Things to know about 4G not as complicated as many people think and the way to register for new 4G is quite easy.
Good luck!


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